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20 July 2022, 19:17

Western security agencies blamed for ICAO's unfavorable report on Ryanair flight incident in Belarus

MINSK, 20 July (BelTA) – Western security and intelligence agencies are to blame, the political analyst Piotr Petrovsky told BelTA as he commented on the International Civil Aviation Organization's report on the Ryanair Flight 4978 incident.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) reviewed two matters the other day – the Ryanair Flight 4978 incident in Belarus' skies on 23 May 2021 and Belarus' complaint about consequent actions of European countries, which introduced sanctions against Belarusian civil aviation. ICAO's report on the incident was discussed.

Piotr Petrovsky said: “Let me remind you that the investigation has been going on for over one year now. And all this time we were fed promises that they [ICAO] are about to publish the report. We remember their saying it in November, in December, and then in February. And finally they have finally woken up and their conclusions contradict the content of their investigation. In other words, no violations of either international law or some obligations of the Republic of Belarus have been found. All these accusations are clearly politicized. They should be looked into bearing in mind the deepening geopolitical confrontation. Particularly since the collective West is unwilling to forfeit its supremacy and very nervously responds to geopolitical failures, to the worsening of its own status, to the loss of world domination. This is why these sudden statements after so much time has passed indicate that it is nothing but a fight for geopolitical supremacy. And the collective West uses even lies and manipulations as tools in this fight. And we can see it right now.”

The political analyst is convinced that sooner or later Belarus will learn the identity of those, who are really behind these provocations. “Particularly once the collective West has lost its supremacy, when new rules of international relations take shape and bring about multipolarity. Then I think the international community will carry out a lot of investigations into such actions and deeds. For now I see only actions of Western security agencies. Their goal is to discredit the Republic of Belarus and instigate some elements of destructive activities inside our country. But they have not been able to succeed so far as we've seen over the course of two years. I don't think they will succeed,” he said.

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