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21 February 2024, 19:15

Volfovich: West tries to portray Belarus, Russia as “axis of evil”

Photo courtesy of the Emergencies Ministry
Photo courtesy of the Emergencies Ministry
MINSK, 21 February (BelTA) – State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich has visited Civil Protection University and talked to its staff and final-year students, BelTA has learned.
Top on the agenda of the meeting were the military and political situation around Belarus, the single voting day and the outcomes of the recent meeting of the head of state with senior officials of the country’s national security system.
“The West has launched information warfare against Belarus and other countries. They want to portray Belarus and Russia as an “axis of evil”. Belarus is being demonized. This smear campaign is done through the internet and it brings various cyber risks, challenges and threats. This campaign seeks to create a certain view of Belarus and twist historical facts,” said Aleksandr Volfovich.
The state secretary of the Security Council drew attention to the tougher visa requirements and the closure of borders by Western countries. By doing this, the leadership of Western countries is trying to shield their residents from the information that Belarus and Russia are trying to convey. “Thus, we see a migrant crisis and a collapse at the border following the ban on the entry of freight and railway transport. By and large, railway transport today no longer goes to Europe. This is a hybrid war waged by the West,” he emphasized.
When political, economic and media leverages of pressure fail, military pressure comes on the scene, noted Aleksandr Volfovich. “History knows many examples of this, and we see this today,” he said. “We see a show of military force across the border. The Americans have decided that the [defense] budget of NATO members should be no less than 2% of GDP. Earlier it was about 2% of GDP, while now spending should not be lower than 2%. And the Poles went as far as to increase their spending to 4%,” he said. 

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