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22 June 2022, 14:07

Volfovich: Belarus is open for friendly moves, peaceful settlement of issues

MINSK, 22 June (BelTA) – Belarus is always open for friendly moves and peaceful settlement of issues, State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich told reporters at the First International Security Industry Exhibition “National Security. Belarus 2022” in Minsk on 22 June, BelTA has learned.

“The existing world order is undergoing a conceptual reformatting. The main geopolitical players are fighting for the division of spheres of influence. To achieve strategic superiority, they use all modern methods of influence while conducting hybrid wars. This includes political pressure in the form of sanctions, media terrorism, and technological blackmail,” Aleksandr Volfovich said.

In his opinion, the authority of the leading world structures like the UN and the OSCE is degrading. “Negotiating platforms are used by individual countries to push for their interests. Therefore, the international security architecture is being dismantled today. Thus, security threats to individual countries are growing exponentially. It is very difficult for them to stand against entire political blocs that pursue their goals. Belarus has always been committed to a peaceful and friendly policy based on cooperation and best practices that help maintain the national security,” Aleksandr Volfovich noted.

He added that the exhibition is designed to bring together countries that pursue a friendly policy towards Belarus. “These are all the CSTO countries, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, distant countries, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and some other states. We appreciate their decision to come to Belarus to share their best practices in the field of national security. The exhibition can become another impetus to develop common approaches to combating new threats, and will also contribute to enhancing the national security of other countries. Belarus is always open for friendly moves and peaceful resolution of issues,” Aleksandr Volfovich said.

He pointed to the growing threat along the Belarusian border. “Today, there is a grouping of troops numbering about 30,000 in the west of our country. Despite the completion of the DEFENDER-Europe 20 exercise involving more than 18 countries, the situation has not become easier, the grouping has not grown smaller. Five major drills are taking place in Eastern Europe today, two of which are on the territory of neighboring states. Aviation flights continue, six or seven flights along our border are recorded daily. I do not know what kind of reconnaissance they carry out. Probably, they have already looked through our territory with X-rays and seen that we pose no threat to the West or our southern neighbor. Ukraine says that Belarus can pose a threat to it. We have not threatened anyone, we do not threaten and will not do it,” the Security Council chief said.

In his opinion, many political leaders have forgotten the tragic lessons of World War II. “Probably, they want a war to be unleashed in their countries again, they want a roar of cannons and guns again. Nobody needs what is happening in Ukraine today. Our borders are open for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia. They see that the situation in our country is not at all what the Western media and politicians present it to be. Belarus has never posed a threat to the national security of other states and will never do it, but we are able to defend our country. And this exhibition is just aimed at exchanging experience in national security,” Aleksandr Volfovich concluded.

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