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20 February 2020, 16:50

Urban dwellers make up 77.5% of Belarus' population

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MINSK, 20 February (BelTA) – Belarus' urban population totals almost 7.3 million people, or 77.5% of the total population, Chairwoman of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus Inna Medvedeva told journalists on 20 February, BelTA has learned.

“A total of 7,299,989 people live in urban areas. Rural population totals 2,113,457 people, or 22.5%,” Inna Medvedeva said. At the same time the census recorded a slight increase in the rural population over the data of records prior to the census. “There is a tendency: Belarusians from big cities are drawn to the countryside and nature. They build houses and cottages in villages, move to districts that are close to the regional capitals and Minsk. Minsk Oblast, where multi-family housing has been built, has contributed greatly to this trend. Basically these are city dwellers who live in the countryside. Some people even mentioned Minsk when they filled out a questionnaire,” she added.

Some districts adjacent to the regional capitals recorded a 17-20% increase in rural population. All in all, 60 districts saw such an increase. Of course, districts that neighbor Minsk, for example Smolevichi District and Dzerzhinsk District topped the list.

Speaking about the gender ratio, it came as follows: 46.2% and 53.8% (4,351,473 men and 5,061,973 women).

The latest population census took place was held in Belarus on 4-30 October under the motto “A look at the present – a step into the future!”. Belarusians were given an opportunity to fill in census forms online, at stationary census stations, or even at workplaces (if the employer requested a mobile census station). Around 2.24 million people took advantage of the online census option. Census takers started polling Belarusians in their homes on 21 October. About 650 stationary census stations were deployed during the census.

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