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25 August 2020, 09:00

Ukrainian journalist: Any color revolution starts with a peaceful protest

Maksym Ravreba. Photo courtesy of
Maksym Ravreba. Photo courtesy of

MINSK, 25 August (BelTA) – Any color revolution starts with a purely peaceful protest, Ukrainian journalist and publicist Maksym Ravreba said in an interview to the ONT TV channel, BelTA has learned.

“Any color revolution begins with a purely peaceful protest, with kneeling in front of police shields, performing various overtures on the piano, which is placed directly on the Maidan, with the distribution of cookies, sweets, sandwiches and so on. Then, all this grows into tent cities, which are gradually turned into barricades. Then the barricades are transformed into checkpoints. Belarusians need to think about where they are led. This is my opinion,” Maksym Ravreba said.

According to him, the things that are taking place in Belarus today are no different from Ukraine. “It is a Maidan, a color revolution, which may result in a disaster. It will be multi-faceted. I have some bad news for those who go to protests. If someone hopes for social elevators, this will not happen. Those who pay for all this, have everything decided already. Protesters are just a crowd of extras, cannon fodder if the situation aggravates. Nobody will take care of anybody after everything is done. Nobody will say thank you to anybody. Workers will lose factories, farmers will lose the land, because the land will be sold. The Belarusian forest attracts the West a lot. It will be sawn and taken to Europe, as the Carpathians are cut down to zero now. Nobody will take care of the people,” the journalist said.

Maksym Ravreba described a picture for the protesters, which may become reality because of their reckless actions. “There will be no cheap household bills, no social benefits that Lukashenko has developed for the population, no free healthcare. There will be a huge rise in prices, the Belarusian ruble will fall, and hyperinflation will begin. All this will impact all the participants in the process. I hope this will not happen. I believe in it. After all, the president of Belarus knows what to do. This is great,” the journalist added.

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