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20 March 2024, 18:35

Ukrainian blogger about NATO presence in Ukraine:  ‘They are already there’ 

MINSK, 20 March (BelTA) - In a new episode of the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel Ukrainian lawyer and blogger Tatiana Montyan said that the NATO troops have been in Ukraine for a long time and in abundance.

Commenting on the statement by French President Emmanuel Macron and the deployment of NATO troops to Ukraine in general, Tatiana Montyan said: "They have been here for a long time. In droves. They crew some high-tech wunderwaffe that they have supplied (maintenance, targeting, something else). They are here in droves. There are all sorts of adventurers who like to participate in assaults. Tonnes of them have already been killed! People say that NATO suffered casualties in Ukraine (both soldiers and officers)  four times more than in all other NATO wars in all previous periods. This may well be true, because we don't know everything. Everyone keeps hush hush." 

The Ukrainian blogger noted that, most likely, NATO will increase its presence in Ukraine. She expressed the opinion that there is one simple reason for this. No one needs Ukraine without access to the sea. It will not be viable. "Therefore, without Odessa all this becomes absolutely pointless from a military point of view," she added. 

"Macron and the like make these statements to open the Overton window gradually. At first they insisted they were not part at all. They just help with money, treat the wounded in hospitals. Then they began opening up about their advisers on the ground, retirees, vacationers, volunteers. Deployment of regular troops is soon to come," Tatiana Montyan believes.

She also commented on the use of weapons by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tatiana Montyan noted that so far not a single weapon has proved miraculous. "But who knows what will happen next. In fact, action equals reaction. You use one weapon, they respond with something. They predict a crazy increase in FPV drones. A soldier will not be able to stay above ground: as soon as he sticks his nose out, he will be attacked by several FPV drones," the Ukrainian blogger noted. “When things reach the technical limit, then somethings else will begin to factor in. I think it's going to happen very soon."
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