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25 September 2020, 14:00

Turkish business ready to invest in Belarusian construction market

At a time of the global recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Belarus maintained economic stability and demonstrated growth in the construction industry, said Yasar Anil Gulel, Project Coordination Director at Turkey's ADO Group.

The Turkish businessman visited Minsk to learn more about the country his company is going to invest heavily in. "We see that Belarus' economy showed resilience during the pandemic, its construction industry even thriving," he said.

Yasar Anil Gulel, Project Coordination Director, ADO Group
Yasar Anil Gulel, Project Coordination Director, ADO Group

ADO Group has more than 50 brands worldwide and holds 117 patents. It is Turkey's leading exporter of PVC profiles which are used to produce windows, doors, facades. According to Yasar Anil Gulel, the launch of PVC profile production facility in Belarus will let Turkish business expand the presence of its innovative products in the Belarusian construction market. “These are patented products. We do not use metal frame in our products. It is a composite system made of wood and PVC, a combination of modern and eco-friendly technologies,” said Yasar Anil Gulel.

PVC wooden-frame profiles are not just eco-friendly. They are easier to process. These products have better sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation parameters. “Windows made using our profiles block heat in summer and hold it in during winter. In the construction industry of Belarus, much attention is paid to the high quality of construction and materials used, and our products fully meet these requirements,” said the businessman.

Minsk World complex
Minsk World complex

It is too early to speak about specific amounts of investment, but the Turkish side is ready to invest up to $40 million in the Belarusian economy and create some 300 new jobs. Yasar Anil Gulel was impressed with the scope of the construction projects underway in Belarus. “I have seen the Minsk World complex. It is magnificent. We were informed that three million square meters will be built there. This is a unique project. We are in talks to supply our company's products for the construction of buildings in this complex,” he stressed.

The Turkish company knows from its experience that innovative products always attract attention in foreign markets and have high export potential. Thus, an investment project to launch the production of PVC profiles with a timber frame in Belarus will contribute to the government's efforts to replace imports and promote the Made in Belarus trademark in the markets of partner countries.

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