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07 September 2022, 14:00

True celebration in ‘Central Europe'! ‘Budapest' welcomes happy new tenants!

These days the Minsk World mixed-use and business, sports and entertainment, cultural and financial complex has shined not only with the rays of a warm autumn sun but also with the smiles of happy new tenants of a 22-storey Budapest house as they received keys in an official ceremony.

Budapest house

This prestigious house stands out with its color and unusual shape among the houses of the Central Europe quarter. It is an architectural ensemble of six one-section houses spanning from 15 to 25 floors and a 7-storey house.

Central Europe quarter

‘Central Europe' is a quarter that provides absolutely everything for a happy childhood, healthy and athletic development of the younger generation and maintaining good physical shape of adults of all ages. In the heart of the quarter there are six playgrounds, each of which is a place of children's exuberant joy and absolute confidence of moms and dads in the safety of their children.

Playground in the Central Europe quarter

Children's play areas in Minsk World are made of eco-friendly materials. These “castles” and “sailing ships”, “rockets” and “jungles” boast a soft surface. In the Central Europe quarter, pedestrian paths lead to the children's playgrounds and do not cut across the roadway.

Another children's play area in the Central Europe quarter

The surrounding grounds of the quarters of the mixed-use complex is traffic-free. This allows moms and dads, who chose a new system of comfort and security coordinates to live in, to accustom their kids to independence, giving them a little more freedom to move around the well-developed quarters.

A bird's eye view of the Central Europe quarter

Residents of the Central Europe quarter easily instill in their children a love of physical activity. In the workout areas, kids from the age of 5 can do feasible exercises developing their muscles, improving their posture, and improving their immune system. There is a basketball stadium and a tennis court in the area. These sports develop endurance, coordination and agility. Vision improves, and so does the ability to think logically and solve problems out of the box.

A happy moment of getting the keys!

Let's open the doors of the Budapest house and feel the emotions the new tenants experienced at the moment of receiving their keys!

The seat of the Hungarian parliament, pictured here, has 691 rooms!

When you enter the house, you immediately see a beautiful picture of an old 19th century building. The seat of the Hungarian parliament, standing on the left bank of the Danube, is not just a majestic (and the country's largest) building designed in a combination of neo-Gothic and Beaux-Arts architectural styles. It is a cornerstone in the history of Hungary. The decision to build it was made in 1973 - after the merger of Buda and Pest.

The lobbies of Minsk World houses are an area of comfort, where there is not only a desk for a concierge, whose presence increases the prestige and the overall security of the house but also a lounge area for guests and a sanitary room, where mothers can care for their babies, and owners of dogs can take care of their four-legged friends (there is a paw washer there).

The lobby is nice and spacious (it is 47 m2 big and 3.6 m high). There is a place to keep strollers and bicycles. The bike box is designed for 24 bicycles. Parents can safely leave a stroller in this guarded area before going upstairs.

In addition to the passenger-and-freight elevator with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, and the passenger elevator with a maximum lifting capacity of 650 kg, the Budapest house also has a panoramic elevator with large windows from where you can enjoy wonderful views. The new residents of the Budapest house shared their impressions of this comfortable new house. Let's listen to what they have to say!

“... The impressions are exceptionally pleasant and positive! We really like the house. It is located in the city center. There is a road junction, all exits, infrastructure, playgrounds, a nice design. It is very interesting and beautiful here and there is a lot to do and see here.”

Indeed, the neighborhood was built to the “15-minute city”concept, which means that everything you need is within walking distance and /or can be reached by bicycle. Thus, you can have fun, work, learn, raise children, run a business without leaving the cozy and safe complex. In these shell&core apartments, you can implement an interior design project of your dreams.


“... Everything is within walking distance here, absolutely. The metro is nearby. Using metro, you can reach any neighborhood of Minsk, you can easily get anywhere. There is a school nearby, just across the road. There are also shops. Avia Mall shopping and entertainment center is under construction at a stone's throw. All this distinguishes Minsk World and the Central Europe quarter from other construction projects in Minsk.”

On 1 September a modern school with a 25-meter swimming pool opened in the neighboring Champions quarter, literally across the road from the Budapest house.

New school in Minsk World

The educational institution has good-quality infrastructure to enhance the learning experience of children and teenagers. There are spacious bright classrooms, gyms, facilities to play mini-football, volleyball and basketball.

Adjacent area of ​​the new school

The construction of Belarus' largest shopping and entertainment center, Avia Mall, is underway. The International Financial Center will open nearby. It will become a unique business hub that will place Minsk World next to the best business districts of the world. This will also push prices for residential housing in the complex up. The Budapest house is located next to the International Financial Center, so buying apartments in this house is an unprecedentedly profitable investment in real estate that will grow in price very soon.


“... The availability of kindergartens and schools was the most important factor that influenced our decision-making while choosing a house. Our school is just across the road. Having a metro station nearby was also important, since we do not have a car. It is great that we will be able to quickly get to any area of Minsk. I am also looking forward to the commissioning of the new Aerodromnaya metro station - it's just wonderful!

Kindergartens are located in the neighboring quarters Southern Europe and Eurasia. They are being built in the center of a quarter in Minsk World, in other words, in the adjacent safe territory.

A kindergarten in the Southern Europe quarter

Everything is being done in the multifunctional complex to make car owners feel more comfortable than in other areas and let them keep their vehicles in safe conditions that help preserve the car body as much as possible – in guarded car parks with 24/7 automated access for owners.

Parking lots in Minsk World are located on the outside of the quarters

The placement of parking lots along the external contour of the quarters saves a lot of time for those who rush to the office in the morning. The Budapest house is surrounded by parking lots on three sides. One of the entrances leads to a parking lot with direct access to a new artery – Belgradskaya Street. Later on you can take a turn into a street named after the legendary composer Igor Luchenok. By driving along this street you can reach a roundabout that was opened last year and from there you can reach any part of Minsk within 15 minutes!

A new roundabout near the building of the Minsk 1 airport

The network of ground transport lines is well-developed (the stops are located along the perimeter of the multifunctional complex and allow reaching any part of the city). Metro is already operational in Minsk World. The metro station Kovalskaya Sloboda was opened in November 2020. The distance between the station and the newly built comfortable house Budapest is only 1.35km. A new metro station is expected to open a couple of hundred meters away from this house in 2023. An entrance hall of the metro station Aerodromnaya will be located in Mira Avenue, which plays the role of an artery that is adjacent to the comfortable quarter Central Europe.

In-situ concreting has been finished at the metro station Aerodromnaya. Finishing work using ceramic granite is in progress. The construction of some of the rooms has been completed. Electricians and ventilation equipment specialists are working to install, tune, and check support systems. Over 100 various specialists are working at the site.

The Central Europequarter borders on the Happy Planet quarter where a new urban park of about 40ha will appear. It will offer maximum opportunities for good recreation for children and adults!

Once again we congratulate residents of the Budapest house on moving in and remind them that the group of Minsk World development companies does its best so that anyone could afford buying apartments in the multifunctional complex. This autumn you can enjoy

  • attractive prices for real estate

  • gainful installment plans of up to 48 months

  • the best lending terms (starting at 11.87% for up to 20 years)

The short number is 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the sales offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Specialists will be happy to answer your questions about Minsk World in 57 cities of the country.

Minsk World. Under construction with love!

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