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15 November 2022, 14:00

Tenants of new houses in Minsk World share their impressions

Minsk World is becoming a new center of gravity in the Belarusian capital. The tallest skyscraper in Minsk will be built here. The other day a commemorative capsule was laid at the base of one of the five towers of the International Financial Center. It will have 42 floors (180m high). The country's largest shopping mall Avia Mall is slated for commissioning in 2023. One by one prestigious new houses of comfort open their doors to their tenants.

Bird's eye view of North America quarter

How are things going in North America, one of the most beautiful quarters of the Minsk World multifunctional complex?

Boston house, North America quarter

There is a basketball court and a tennis court, colorful children's and sports grounds in the yard which is traffic free.

Parking lots outside the quarter provide easy access to the highway

Car owners can use one of two exits of two-way entrances and quickly reach the parking on the outside of the quarter. North America is a territory of games, sports and safety, with sites for future schools.

Children's playgrounds in North America

In the neighboring quarters, the developer is building a new city park with a rock garden, attractions, recreation areas for children and adults. Within walking distance there are two metro stations: Kovalskaya Sloboda was put into operation in 2020, and the new station Aerodromnaya is to be launched in the summer of 2023.

Design lobby in Boston house

A key handover ceremony was held in the three-section 16-storey house Boston. The first floor will house commercial premises, an exclusive 60m2 lobby with a concierge desk, a comfortable guest area, a sanitary room with a changing table. The house will have low-noise high-speed elevators, one of which will be panoramic revealing the beauty of the quarter and the city.

A solemn, memorable and pleasant moment of the key handover ceremony

Are new tenants of the Boston house happy with the quarter, the top-notch lobby and the quality of the shell & core fit-out of the apartments ranging in size from 30 to 70 m2? Let's give them the floor.

Olga and her daughter Yana

Olga: "We are very pleased that we have purchased an apartment in such a modern complex. Everything is developing very quickly here. I have a child growing up. I would like my daughter to live in a comfortable and modern environment. It is beautiful and bright! We dreamed of an apartment with windows. Our dream came true! In our apartment there is one regular window and four panoramic ones. I would like the tenants to preserve this beauty during the repairs and future maintenance of the house. May everything remain beautiful as long as possible!"

Yana: ""I really like that there are many different places to visit and have a good time with your parents. There are also many playgrounds where you can walk and play with friends!"

"Бостон". Территория безопасных игр, спорта и отдыха

Do the male residents of the Boston and North America houses like their new housing? Mikhail, the owner of his new core and shell apartment, told us about his impressions.


“It is a very nice house. The basic renovations are done perfectly. All my complains were resolved on the day of acceptance. It is not the first apartment I purchase in Minsk World. I like this area! It is new and young. There is an opportunity to purchase brand new property. The price per square meter is great! It is important to me that it is easy to get here by car from any point of the city.

A house-warming celebration was held in the World Dances quarter of the Minsk World mixed-use complex. The keys were handed over to the owners of the open-plan apartments of 31.50m2 to 62.1m2 in a 15-storey house bearing the sultry name of the famous Latin American dance Salsa.

World Dances quarter

This beautiful house incorporating the best architectural traditions of modernity features apartments with private terraces on the first floor. They are fenced and protected by canopies. The apartments of the house boast panoramic (floor to ceiling) windows.

Salsa house

The Salsa house has colorful children's playgrounds in its safe outdoor area, as well as recreational landscaped areas for people of different age to enjoy.

Salsa designer lobby

Entering the house you will see a 70m2 lobby (with a 3.3m ceiling) decorated in the hot colors of Latin America. A concierge is already keeping order in the lobby. There is also a toilet room with a changing table, a bike box and a lounge area for visitors.

First steps into the world of comfort

Svetlana told us about her impressions of the property. She bought an apartment in the Salsa house as a gift for her son.


“Emotions run high! On this beautiful autumn day we realized our dream which is to live in Minsk World. I really love megalopolises. This is one of the most chic areas of our capital. There's a young atmosphere and wonderful infrastructure here. My dream has come true! Walking around the area, you feel that new opportunities open up in front of you. I plan to buy another apartment here!

The Minsk World developers are great specialists, because they have reached a new level, embarking on the most significant project not only in our country, but also in Europe in general. Here you can realize the dream of buying affordable housing. There are inexpensive small apartments, which means you can purchase more.

In the past, I have only had to deal with simple apartment, house, and neighborhood solutions. But recently we took a walk through Minsk World. My son is happy and still cannot believe that his dream has come true. After all, there is everything here for young people: places for outdoor activities, chic lobbies, panoramic elevators. My son likes that the construction materials are very good and of high quality. The free layout was once a dream of many - design your housing the way you want! The expectations have been fully met, and there are no remarks!”

Maria opted for the Salsa house when her kid was in a senior form in the kindergarten. She received keys to the apartment when the kid was in the first form in school.


“Very good impressions! I liked the availability of playgrounds and the design of the entrance space. Everything is bright and beautiful. The floor is also impressive. The house looks like a nice hotel! Beautiful and very pleasant colors. Bright and positive. The nearby metro station is the key point that swayed our choice in favor of this particular area. The territory of the complex is big! Firstly, I really like that on the one hand our house is compact, but it has everything at the same time. Secondly, it is very easy to get to the city center. There are many hobby groups and classes for development within walking distance. And it is the most positive moment!”.

Minsk World is a new world that is interesting to those, who want to gift exclusive standards of comfort to future generations and make an unprecedented investment in buying apartments where the cost of square meters will rise as the housing infrastructure, transport infrastructure, commercial infrastructure, and business infrastructure of the multifunctional complex develop further.

In November 2022 you can get:

  • Attractive prices

  • Loan offers from partner banks starting at 11.87%

  • Long-term installment plans

Installment plans have become even more affordable in certain objects of Minsk World under construction with an area of up to 32m2! The monthly payment starts at Br750!

In finished houses and houses under construction

  • special offers are available that allow doctors and nurses, school teachers, professors of colleges and universities, IT specialists, athletes who have been awarded at international and national competitions, as well as disabled people to purchase real estate with a 3% discount.

  • corporate clients also receive a 3% discount if they pay 100% of the cost with their own money and the 3% corporate discount also applies to installments if the corporate client purchases objects in houses under construction

  • those who sell their previous housing through partner agencies of the group of real estate development companies receive an additional discount if they pay 100% of the cost as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”

A SUPER PROMO continues in the Emirates quarter. You can get a profitable package deal. If you buy real estate in the Volna house, you get prestigious apartments and parking space in a parking garage!

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants of the group of real estate development companies work in 57 towns and cities.

Minsk World. A world where your dreams come true!

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