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25 October 2021, 14:00

Super promo in Minsk World! Three houses in Asia quarter at most attractive prices! Now is the best time to invest!

Unique terms for clients of the corporate program!!!

Upscale real estate in the new up-and-coming neighborhood - the best investment of your money! The Minsk World multifunctional complex is running a promotional offer in the houses "Mumbai", "Bangkok" and "Kyoto" in the Asia quarter until the end of October!

The discount will be Ђ20 per 1 mІ if customers make 100% payment (Here and below the foreign currency equivalent of discounts is provided for reference only. All transactions are made in Belarusian rubles).

If customers are members of the corporate program, they will receive an additional discount of 5% above €20 if they make 100% payment.

Why is it smart to invest in the Minsk World multifunctional complex? For the past several months the euro exchange rate against the Belarusian ruble has considerably decreased, which means that the price per square meter in ruble terms in Minsk World has gone down too.

Invest your money smart to ensure a secure future for yourself and your family!

For more information about the autumn promotional offer, please contact our managers at 7675 or +375 17 269-32-90, +375 17 39-39-465, or visit our sales offices at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street near the Vostok metro station. Our managers work daily!

You can get advice and sign a contract not only in Minsk but also in 46 cities of the country!

Lobby of the Mumbai house
Lobby of the Mumbai house

Lobby of the Kyoto house
Lobby of the Kyoto house

Lobby of the Bangkok house
Lobby of the Bangkok house

The new houses Kyoto, Mumbai and Bangkok in the Asia quarter are a perfect option for you! Here is why:

1. Public transport is within walking distance, including two metro stations: Kovalskaya Sloboda metro station is already operational, the Aerodromnaya metro station is still under construction.

2. Kizhevatova Street lies along one of the boundaries of the quarter. Getting to the center is a 10-minute drive!

3. A kindergarten and a mall combined with a business center will be built inside the quarter.

4. Schools and clinics, cafes and restaurants, gyms and fitness centers will be constructed in the neighboring quarters.

5. The business quarter of the International Financial Center and a large mall will be within walking distance.

Five towers of the International Financial Center
Five towers of the International Financial Center

A mall will appear next to the International Financial Center
A mall will appear next to the International Financial Center

6. A luxurious park with fountains and recreation areas can be found across the street.

7. No transit traffic in the quarter.

8. Playgrounds and sports grounds, parking lots, and a skate park have already been built.

A playground in the Asia quarter
A playground in the Asia quarter

A skate park in the Asia quarter
A skate park in the Asia quarter

9. The houses Kyoto, Mumbai and Bangkok are located on the southern side.

10. Each house has one panoramic and two regular elevators made by OTIS.

11. Every entrance features a designer lobby with a concierge desk, a recreation zone, and a sanitary room with a changing table and a place to wash pets' paws.

12. Apartments boast shell and core layouts and full height windows.

A hot Asian-style trio will leave no one indifferent! Hurry up! Do not miss the chance to become an owner of the real estate of your dreams!

In order to buy apartments in the Mumbai, Bangkok, Kyoto houses of the Asia quarter and also other houses of the multi-functional residential complex Minsk World, come to the sales offices located near the Vostok metro station in Minsk at 9 Mstislavtsa Street (first floor, Dana Center, open from 8:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 till 20:00 on weekends and holidays) and 11 Mstislavtsa Street (first floor, Dana Mall, open from 9:00 till 22:00 every day).

You are also welcome to contact us by dialing 7675 or the fixed-line numbers +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

Our regional sales managers can be found in 46 cities and towns across the country: Brest, Baranovichi, Pinsk, Ivanovo, Kobrin, Luninets, Vitebsk, Novopolotsk, Verkhnedvinsk, Dokshitsy, Orsha, Dubrovno, Lepel, Polotsk, Chashniki, Gomel, Zhitkovichi, Zhlobin, Mozyr, Rechitsa, Svetlogorsk, Khoiniki, Petrikov, Kalinkovichi, Grodno, Lida, Novogrudok, Dyatlovo, Korelichi, Berezovka, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Kirovsk, Bykhov, Shklov, Kostyukovichi, Logoisk, Zhodino, Borisov, Zaslavl, Molodechno, Slutsk, Soligorsk, Nesvizh, Fanipol, Machulishchi. You can contact them to get professional advice, choose an apartment, and sign the contract!

Minsk World – profitable investments in a happy future!

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