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13 August 2020, 10:06

Russia's Communist Party: Recent events in Belarus is a coup attempt

MOSCOW, 13 August (BelTA) – The recent developments in Belarus is not a spontaneous expression of discontent, but a coup d'etat attempt, BelTA learned from a statement made by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on 12 August.

The document notes that subversive activities, in which huge amounts of money are invested, have all the signs of a hybrid war against Belarus. “The nature of the so-called opposition, its aggressiveness and adherence to the instructions of foreign centers show that what has been happening in Belarus was not some spontaneous expression of people's discontent. It is quite obvious that it was an attempt to carry out a coup d'etat,” the statement reads.

“We have already seen the dire consequences of a similar coup in Ukraine. This brotherly country is now in a state of national disaster with the total defeat of industry and agriculture, the collapse of education and healthcare, rampant corruption, rampant unemployment and poverty, the flight of millions of people abroad in search of work. There is no doubt that the change in the leadership of Belarus, which is being sought by our opponents in the West, will immediately lead to large-scale privatization, or rather, to an unbridled plundering of the national wealth of the country, the destruction of all achievements in the social sector, the emergence of paid education and healthcare, and millions of people will fall into poverty,” the statement says.

The statement calls the 9 August election results a convincing victory of incumbent President Aleksandr Lukashenko. “His support by voters is determined by the undoubted achievements of the country in the socio and economic sector,” the party stressed.

“Despite the fact that Belarus is deprived of minerals, the country's leadership managed after 1991 not only to preserve, but also to raise the living standards of people through competent economic management. Machine-building is preserved and developed in the country. Every third hauler in the world is produced in Belarus. Tractors, produced in Minsk, work in the fields of dozens of countries. Heavy tractors manufactured in Belarus are a working horse of mobile missile systems Topol and Yars, ensuring the security of Russia. High-tech industries, primarily electronics and instrumentation, are actively developed. Belarus has a well-developed agriculture based on the most advanced technologies. The country strengthens its fundamental and applied science. Much attention is paid to education and healthcare systems. New economic sectors are emerging, including nuclear power. The national culture enjoys wide support from the state. It is on this basis that the stability and prospects for a decent future of the country are preserved in the most difficult conditions of the world economic crisis,” the statement reads.

“We are convinced of the victory of the Belarusian people over those who want to drive them into a catastrophe similar to those that have already experienced a number of former Soviet states. In this regard, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation once again welcomes the victory of the patriotic forces of Belarus headed by President Aleksandr Lukashenko. We are deeply convinced that the Belarusians have made the only right choice which will allow the country to continue its creative development for the benefit of all the people and to look confidently into the future,” the statement runs.

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