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30 March 2024, 20:21

Russian former figure skater talks about hobby, hardships after surgeries

A video screenshot
A video screenshot
MINSK, 30 March (BelTA) – The figure skater Roman Kostomarov talked to BelTA’s YouTube project V Teme [On Point] about his hobby and about changes after the trauma.

Roman Kostomarov said: “To be honest, I’ve always loved it. It’s certainly a lot harder now than it used to be. I’m enjoying it. It’s certainly not like it was before when I didn’t even think about it. All these hobbies I’ve always loved are much harder to pursue now.”

The figure skater is convinced that regular training sessions give a positive result. “I’m glad that I managed to get up on a flyboard on the first try as a matter of principle. I mean I found some other sensations. I used to fly it quite well when my legs were fine. Now it is more difficult, of course, but probably due to my balancing skill because, after all, I am a figure skater, an athlete, I’ve managed to do it. And if I keep trying and keep doing it, then everything is possible as a matter of principle,” he added.

“Yes, certainly, it is a little bit more painful to my legs and everything. I can no longer spend half an hour on it. I get tired within 15 minutes. But, as they say, if you keep training, you will get better. The same applies to snowboarding. Yes, I got up on it, but I went down the mountain twice, and my legs were very tired. I needed to rest right there and then, because other muscles are involved, other sensations. This is why the more often I do it, the better and easier it will probably be,” Roman Kostomarov noted.

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