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04 January 2024, 11:23

Russian expert comments on importance of military strength, role of CSTO

A video screenshot
A video screenshot
MINSK, 4 January (BelTA) - In order to cope with new challenges and threats, it is important to build up the military strength not only at the national level but also at the regional one, Elena Ponomareva, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor at MGIMO, said in a new episode of BelTA’s YouTube project V Teme [On Point]. 

"Any conflicts give rise to new challenges, for example, migration flows. We know very well what refugees flows have done to Europe. Suffice it to look at the situations in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium. This has lead to a serious polarization of society and has affected the economic and social welfare situation," Elena Ponomareva said. 

According to the political scientist, this leads to the growth of right-wing sentiments, which, in turn, makes it a breeding ground for the reincarnation of Nazism and fascism. "We need to take this into account and we need to be ready for it. It is equally important to build up both the economic power and also military strength. Moreover, I am sure we must do all this at the national level, but also at the regional level," she stressed. 

As an example of growing military strength at the regional level, Elena Ponomareva cited such an organization as the CSTO. "There is no time to spare. There are many potential conflict hotbeds. Especially in the so-called southern underbelly, in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Any spark, for example, in the Fergana Valley. can set huge masses of people in motion. It will be very difficult," the political scientist added.

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