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17 November 2022, 16:12

Russian CEC head opines on single voting day in Belarus

MINSK, 17 November (BelTA) - A single voting day is a more technological way of voting and is convenient for voters, head of the Russian Central Election Commission Ella Pamfilova told reporters on the sidelines of the Belarusian-Russian forum Youth and Elections in Minsk on 16 November, BelTA has learned.

"This means concentration of efforts, close coordination. This is a good solution as large campaigns do not stretch for long periods. From the point of view of technology, convenience for voters this is is good. We still have some by-elections, micro-referendums every Sunday. A single day is for major electoral campaigns," said Ella Pamfilova.

According to her, despite the fact that in 2024 Russia will be running a large-scale presidential campaign, representatives of the Russian CEC will find an opportunity to take part in observing a single voting day in Belarus. "This is for certain. Our observers have always come to monitor elections in Belarus. Just like our colleagues from Belarus come to monitor our campaigns," the head of the CEC of Russia noted.

Ella Pamfilova is aware of the current amendments to the Electoral Code of Belarus. The draft law has been submitted to public debate. “The main judge is the voter. The main thing is for your people to accept it. We, on our part, will respect what you have adopted and will cooperate and interact, sharing our experience. You will share your experience with us and we will do the same,” she stressed.

The Belarusian-Russian forum “Youth and Elections” took place in Minsk on 16-17 November. It was organized by the Central Election Commission and the Education Ministry of Belarus. The main event of the forum was a meeting of young people with Igor Karpenko, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Belarus, and Ella Pamfilova, Chairwoman of the Russian Central Election Commission.

“It was an interesting event. We had feedback, lively questions and, hopefully, answers that provided necessary information,” the head of the Russian CEC said about the event.

Earlier, during his visit to Moscow, Igor Karpenko invited his Russian counterparts including the CEC chairwoman to visit Belarus. Ella Pamfilova accepted the invitation. This is her first visit to our country.

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