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05 August 2022, 09:12

Protasevich comments on new ICAO report on Ryanair flight

MINSK, 5 August (BelTA) - Roman Protasevich commented on the new ICAO report on Ryanair flight as he talked to the ONT TV channel on 4 August, BelTA has learned.

“The release of a new report [ICAO on the Ryanair flight] is always preceded by some kind of noise and hype. Every time all opposition Telegram channels get excited and begin to churn out statements. But every time the release of the report is followed by silence. This is what happened this time too. I read the previous report. I read this one as soon as it came out. Anyone can do it," Roman Protasevich said.

"It's basically technical information, rulebooks and a mechanism of action. The pilot himself made this decision. Indeed, they try to draw focus to the questions about how the code was chosen and so on. But where is the data from the flight recorder since it was an emergency situation? Where is the testimony of the pilot himself? A lot of buts. I said back then that for me the most reliable information was the reaction of the operatives who detained me. They were in absolute shock. "

Roman Protasevich said that he is absolutely sure that he was sold down the river. "There were many external and internal reasons for this. I was a very convenient figure for them. I didn't know much but my name was a household name in the media. Despite the fact that I worked for the opposition headquarters, but I was not in it. I did not know the details of the inner workings but I asked hard questions," he said.

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