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14 May 2024, 12:14

Politician explains how Burisma Company helped buy drones for Ukrainian army

MINSK, 14 May (BelTA) – Some of the bribe handed over to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies for the sake of shutting down the investigation into Burisma Company was appropriated for a drone army for Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the Ukrainian politician Andrei Derkach told BelTA’s YouTube project On Point [V Teme] in an interview.
According to the Ukrainian politician, a bribe of $6 million was offered to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies in order to close the criminal case into the notorious company Burisma, which is affiliated with the family of U.S. President Joe Biden. By a secret court ruling the money was donated to a military unit of the Central Intelligence Office of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry. Apart from that, Andrei Derkach stressed, a significant sum was allocated for a drone army for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

“The money was donated to the drone army. Again with a secret court ruling. If you want everything to be public, why make a secret court ruling that journalists can uncover later? Information about the drone army was found by Ukrainian journalists who work in Ukraine today. We also had this court ruling. We also demonstrated it,” Andrei Derkach said.

The politician stressed that by handing over the money to the drone army via Burisma Company the USA sponsored terrorism. “The drone army is terrorism all the same. They kill people. They don’t target only infrastructure facilities. We see all the chains used to supply weapons from American companies to the Central Intelligence Office (GUR). We see the sponsors that work with it,” Andrei Derkach assured.
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