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18 April 2024, 12:49

Political leaders urged to recognize importance of nuclear power plant technologies

MINSK, 18 April (BelTA) – Pavel Yakovlev, editor-in-chief of the science and business website Atomic Energy 2.0, has explained peculiarities of using water-moderated power reactors as part of nuclear power plants in BelTA’s YouTube project V Teme [On Point].

Pavel Yakovlev said: “Water-moderated power reactors have a good history of many years of operation. These reactors have earned a great reputation. Entire infrastructure has been built around them as well as supply chains of various producers. And these reactors are used in many fields. Using such a reactor is a tried and tested solution that virtually guarantees we can avoid the dangers we know of.”

The expert noted that at the same time multiple factors contribute to the safety of nuclear power plants. In particular, the physical security of nuclear power plants plays a major role. “A great deal depends on the political environment in the country, on the country’s leadership’s support for high-tech, science-intensive products. Governments are often driven by short-term considerations in the course of buying affordable energy,” he stressed.

Pavel Yakovlev added that the state and oversight agencies play a very important role in the safe operation of nuclear power plants. “I believe that political leaders need to understand the importance and perspective of such technologies,” the expert concluded.

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