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24 June 2024, 11:07

Polish journalist exposes 'large-scale medical experiment' in Europe

MINSK, 24 June (BelTA) – The governments of Poland and other European countries ran a joint medical experiment in the so-called free countries, Mateusz Jarosiewicz, a Polish publicist, journalist, public figure, expert in international relations and internal affairs of Poland, the author of “Letter to President Lukashenko from the concentration camp Polin [Poland]”, said in an interview with Tomasz Szmydt in the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel.
“At a certain point, it took journalists and inconvenient activists like me a lot of effort to block laws that directly forced people to take medicines. In Poland you can’t name the medicines that people were forced to take; those were mRNA shots. They trigger changes in the genetic system and by that time their clinical trials had not been completed,” said Mateusz Jarosiewicz.

According to him, such shots contain a very high level of contamination. The amount of contaminants is tens of thousands of times above the norm. “The incidents of heart attacks and brain inflammation increased by hundreds of percent, people were simply dying in agony, as I said before. The healthcare system in Poland is dysfunctional. People wait for months to have basic medical examinations, many die before they get to see a medical professional,  especially when it comes to cancer treatment. From my interviews with doctors I know that people in Poland have begun to die en masse. No one cares or asks questions,” the journalist emphasized.

Those people who call themselves the Polish government and whom Mateusz Jarosiewicz calls criminals, launched a joint large-scale medical experiment in the so-called free countries together with governments of other European states. “Concerns made hundreds of billions of dollars without bearing any responsibility. But this experiment failed, and no one is talking about it today. Everyone assured that it would be absolutely safe and effective, and then it turned out that they knew it would be the opposite, that it would not stop the virus transmission. You could not study the composition of these vaccines and still cannot,” he stated.

People didn’t even know that there was a technology that could be injected into a person, the journalist added. “In reality, it limits the ability to bear children, it limits the number of conceptions. It caused in certain cases up to 90% of miscarriages in women who used these medicines. We are dealing with genocide – I cannot find a better word for it. I used this term two years ago, when we distributed this information among the local authorities, schools, hospitals, heads of voivodeships, city mayors, we attached documents, research outcomes, opinions of investigators who believed that this was akin to biological weapons,” Mateusz Jarosiewicz said.

According to him, not a single appeal was taken on board, all were rejected. “This, in my opinion, suggests that all decision-makers were involved in this. Representatives of all political parties, all institutions took part in this, no one protested. Everyone implemented these orders, and therefore no one could conduct investigations,” the journalist remarked. 
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