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22 February 2021, 18:13

PM: People in uniform feel strong responsibility for the future of the country

MINSK, 22 February (BelTA) - People in uniform feel strong responsibility for the future of the country, Belarus Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said as he addressed the military during an official event dedicated to the Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces Day in the Palace of the Republic, BelTA has learned.

“This holiday symbolizes the inseparable bond and continuity of all generations of the defenders of the Fatherland. It shows that patriotism, valor, honor and courage continue to be indisputable values in our society. Times are changing, new types of weapons are developed, methods of warfare are improved, but the main asset of the entire Belarusian army, law enforcement are people – from enlisted personnel to generals. It is the people in uniform who are most strongly aware of the responsibility for the future of the country. Probably, because you know, more than anyone else, the real price that you have to pay to make sure our borders to remain inviolable and the sky peaceful," Roman Golovchenko said.

The prime minister stressed that 2020 was not an easy year for everyone, including the military. “Many of you had to make, I dare say, momentous decisions, to risk yourselves, to work to the limit. You have not wavered, you have not let your guard down. You have shown your readiness to meet any threat and have demonstrated your professionalism and outstanding personal qualities,” he said.

According to Roman Golovchenko, the president and the government will continue to work on the comprehensive and integrated strengthening of the military and law enforcement system of the country. This is the key to ensuring national security and peaceful development of the state. “The documents of military construction for the next five years envisage providing the troops with the latest weapons, modern communication equipment, many of which are produced by domestic defense enterprises. This is the result of systematic, purposeful measures of the state, which will be continuously improved in the future,” he stated.

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