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24 August 2022, 12:52

Opinion: The West is about to face a heavy crisis that will destroy the European Union

MINSK, 24 August (BelTA) – A heavy crisis awaits the West. It will result in the destruction of the European Union and changes of Eastern Europe borders. The public figure, economist, and publicist Mikhail Khazin shared his opinion in BelTA's YouTube channel.

Mikhail Khazin said: “The economic model that has existed, the West as a whole and the European Union in particular are nearing an end. It will no longer be possible to ensure economic growth and the growth of living standards through monetary emissions. This is why they are in for a heavy crisis, as a result of which the European Union will definitely no longer be around and borders of Eastern Europe may substantially change.”

Mikhail Khazin mentioned several examples: “Hungarian Prime Minister Orban seriously says that Hungary should reassert control over Transylvania and expresses slight dissatisfaction with the fact that Hungary had access to the sea for a thousand years but no longer has it. There is another absolutely similar story: Polish officials say that Germans dream of regaining Silesia and Danzig. We have to recall one circumstance: Lithuania, which has added Russia to the list of countries that support terrorism, has clearly failed to justify the trust it received in 1941, 1945, and 1939. Lithuania was given Vilnius Province in 1939, part of the territories adjacent to the Suwalki corridor in 1941, and the city of Memel in 1945 (now known as Klaipeda).”

Mikhail Khazin went on saying: “It was started by Orban, by Polish officials, who represent the European Union by the way. We don't have to dig into geopolitical logic because it is no secret that the Baltic republics, Poland, and Ukraine are controlled by London at present. And London pursues a policy aimed at destruction of not only the European Union but Germany on the basis of its own personal interests.”

A totally different configuration of Eastern Europe and even possibly Western Europe may exist in 3-5 years. “And it turns out that Putin's policy of decent and predictable behavior instead of indiscriminate strikes may turn out to be much more adequate than current actions of the Estonian government or the Latvian one, which destroy Soviet monuments,” the expert said.

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