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22 December 2021, 09:27

Opinion: Real atrocities are committed in Polish forests, away from journalists' eyes

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 22 December (BelTA) – Polish soldiers kill people in a coldblooded manner and with impunity, member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Feliks Yashkov told BelTA.

“The interview of Polish serviceman Emil Czeczko aired by the Belarus 1 TV channel sent shock waves. What the Polish services did to refugees near the Belarusian checkpoint Bruzgi was just the tip of the iceberg. The real atrocities take place in the middle of forests, away from journalists' eyes. Polish soldiers literally kill people in a coldblooded manner and with impunity. Desertion from the Polish army of Emil Czeczko is understandable. It is unbearable for a compassionate and humane person to see such things and involuntarily to participate in criminal activities following orders. One has to be callous, cruel and indifferent, absolutely immoral, to be able to kill a defenseless person. Those Polish soldiers who do this do not deserve to be called human beings,” the senator said.

According to him, Poland is not acting constructively, denying the obvious. “It dismisses the words of its serviceman as ‘complete nonsense', claiming that he is being manipulated by the Belarusian media Poland is trying to defame him. Yet, there are no grounds not to trust the words of the Polish serviceman. Obviously, a person should have strong reasons to flee his country and ask for political asylum in another country. Such a decision can only be prompted by serious reasons, which Emil Czeczko really had. Polish Armed Forces Operational Commander General Tomasz Piotrowski said that the Polish Armed Forces would seek to hold Czeczko accountable for desertion. History gives us an idea of ​​what kind of reprisals the Polish government can use. There is no doubt that if Emil Czeczko falls into the hands of ‘the Polish justice', he will see how sophisticated it is,” said Feliks Yashkov.

The senator believes that the Polish military command started panicking. “They no longer know how to act. At first they kept silent, and then they switched to aggressive accusations, apparently believing that in the current situation the best defense is an attack. Maybe it's time for Poland to think how it looks from the outside?” Feliks Yashkov said.

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