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23 September 2022, 16:02

Opinion: Pressure on Belarus will be increasing, the response should be tough

Vadim Borovik. An archive photo
Vadim Borovik. An archive photo

MINSK, 23 September (BelTA) - The pressure on Belarus will continue increasing, and we must act tough, political analyst Vadim Borovik told BelTA.

“Our position is clear, open and dictated by our national interests, obligations within the framework of the Union State and is generally in the interests of the Belarusian state and people. Today, a hybrid warfare is in its hot phase and its information components are getting stronger. Among the methods fake news, disinformation, various Telegram channels to disorient the population. Some news on the internet is interpreted in a completely biased way, or in a way that undermines the interests of the Belarusian state,” said Vadim Borovik.

Here we must act very firmly, the political scientist said. “The head of state was right to draw attention to discipline issues. It is the task of managers at all levels to monitor their enterprises, institutions, and make sure that no activities to misinform the population are run there. Citizens should also be vigilant and cautious and not give in to provocations and fake news, but to obtain information from reliable sources, which are, first of all, the official media of Belarus. They cannot get information from extremist resources, because such information disorients citizens and can lead to wrongdoing on their part,” he said.

Information attacks on Belarus will only intensify. “We saw the acute phase of these information attacks in 2020, when simply the entire field was flooded with misinforming chats and resources. We saw how it affected the sentiments of part of the unprepared society, which succumbed to manipulation. Now these channels will be reformatted in one way or another. We have to admit that, unfortunately, we do not control media platforms such as YouTube and Google where, for example, some videos and constructive news are banned if they provoke the relevant interest in the audience. On the contrary, videos which serve the interests of our rivals and opponents are artificially imposed. This is a very important point. Therefore, we need to pay very close attention to these platforms as part of the Union State. We must think about how to defend ourselves, even to the point of taking the most radical decisions. We must not rush here. Everything must be done thoughtfully and weighted. But, nevertheless, we must understand that it threatens the national interests of Belarus,” the political expert said.

“This pressure will continue increasing, and we, in turn, must strengthen our response. Citizens, public institutions, law enforcement - we must all stand together as a united front and protect the national interests of our country,” said Vadim Borovik.

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