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09 November 2021, 14:35

Opinion: Poland, Lithuania act as worst dictatorships, ignore public opinion


MINSK, 9 November (BelTA) - Instead of looking for ways out of the migrant crisis, Poland and Lithuania are shifting the responsibility for what is happening to Belarus and are suppressing all attempts of refugees to get into the European Union, Chairman of the National State Television and Radio Company (Belteleradiocompany) Ivan Eismont said on the air of Alfa Radio, BelTA learned from

“Poland, which has recently been criticized by Washington and Brussels, is now pretending to be ‘a poor thing under a hybrid attack from Belarus'. They will be asking for help. But in human terms, what is happening on the border, does no good to anyone. They are keeping mum on what is happening, blaming Belarus, Lukashenko for all their problems. It's disgusting. How many years have we been reproaching them for Iraq, which they destroyed for no reason, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan... Millions of people have died; millions have been left without means of subsistence. They are the reason for the migrant crisis," Ivan Eismont said.

He recalled that Belarus has a visa-free regime with many countries. "People board the plane. No sanctions against any airlines will prevent them from this. They will take buses in Moscow or they will come to Smolensk, cross the border and move towards the Baltic states. I don't understand the accusations against us. On the one hand, they bombed these countries; on the other hand, they imposed sanctions against Belarus and broke bilateral agreements, including those relating to cross-border cooperation. And now, for some reason, they demand we continue to honor these agreements. They will pin the blame on us. Take a look at the Western press, their TV broadcasts... It's scary. I am sorry for Europeans. I understand why Russia Today has it hard there. Because in the West there is absolutely no point of view alternative to the official one," said the guest of the studio.

What is happening on the border of Belarus with the EU is a humanitarian catastrophe, Ivan Eismont said. "They promised to accept these people. But instead they gassed them yesterday. I cannot imagine how long these people will last on the border in such conditions. Tear gas, cold, dogs, helicopters... There were protests in Lithuania and Poland. Some human rights groups protest and ask the authorities to allow them to go see refugees to help. But they protest to the extent which is allowed in the democratic world. Poland and Lithuania act as the worst dictatorships, absolutely disregarding the public opinion. They will continue to do so. They say that everything depends on the choice of people. This is a tall tale. Everything depends on the political elites in France, Germany, Poland,” he added.

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