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22 October 2021, 10:40

Opinion: Poland cynically oversteps limits of humanity

Aleksei Dzermant. An archive photo
Aleksei Dzermant. An archive photo

MINSK, 22 October (BelTA) – The Polish authorities are cynically crossing the limits of humaneness, political scientist Aleksei Dzermant told the Respublika newspaper, BelTA informs.

“Lawlessness continues on the eastern border of Poland. Reports of recent days suggest that the Polish authorities are cynically overstepping the limits of humanity. The body of another migrant, a 19-year old Syrian national, was found in the river near the border. Before that, a large group of migrants had tried to get to the territory of Poland, but had been severely beaten with truncheons. All this is already becoming commonplace, but it is impossible to put up with it, because people are suffering and dying,” the expert noted.

According to him, the reason for these deaths and suffering is obvious - the Polish authorities are fiercely fighting against those who are looking for shelter and safety in Europe. “The childlike naivete of migrants who are flying towards the destructive light of Europe like butterflies can be surprising, but they really believe that they will have a better life there. And Europe itself has done a lot to make people from the East and South believe it. Europe, and the West in general, came to them, brought their values ​​and promised to shelter those who were persecuted in their homeland. And now all this turns out to be a lie, Europe has shown its bestial nature to migrants. And the Polish authorities succeed in this like no other. On the one hand, they show a truly inhumane attitude towards their own kind. On the other hand, it is clear that hundreds and thousands of migrants enter Germany and France from the territory of Poland not without the help of the Polish authorities themselves,” Aleksei Dzermant said.

He believes that there are well-established routes for transporting people from Poland to Western Europe, and the authorities are certainly aware of these routes. “President Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the authorities of Lithuania and Poland arrange the escape of migrants from places of temporary detention. The propaganda of these countries is trying to portray the refugees as nearly savages and barbarians, showing footages that are meant to convince the public that all migrants have sexual deviations and pose a very serious threat. Yet, what is even worse, organized crime in Poland, with obvious connivance of local authorities, is involved in human trafficking, which might result in trafficking of drugs and spread of extremist ideas. And it is not Belarus' fault that all these people rushed to the West. It was the West and Europe that created all the prerequisites and conditions for this, destroying states. People are fleeing the chaos that the USA, the EU and their allies caused after interfering in the domestic affairs of other states,” the expert said.

Aleksei Dzermant is convinced that the Polish authorities are trying to evade responsibility by putting their national law above the European one saying that they are not going to take orders from the EU and have the right to mistreat refugees.

“Thus, Poland clearly shows that it is not a European state that respects human rights, but a xenophobic regime that despises European values ​​and law. It is not known how long Brussels will turn a blind eye to this, but if it does not respond, it will no longer be respected at all,” the political scientist said.

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