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13 September 2021, 14:29

Opinion: Peoples of Belarus, Russia need advanced integration

MINSK, 13 September (BelTA) - The peoples of Belarus and Russia need advanced integration between the two countries, Director of the Research Institute for the Development of Communications, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences Vladislav Gasumyanov told the media, BelTA has learned.

“First of all, one should always ask: who benefits and needs it? I think the peoples of Belarus and Russia need it. Considerable progress has already been reached, including the resumed flights, removal of restrictions, roaming charges between the countries and many other issues that are reflected in the signed documents. The deeper meaning of the signed documents is that the process of developing the Union State and the advancement of integration becomes transparent,” said Vladislav Gasumyanov.

According to him, all the agreements have now been signed and the system is in place. “Everyone sees and understands what awaits them in a day, a week, or years. It is very important that a system has been created that will not depend on the political situation, some other issues. The second thing is that we start with the basis, with the economy, with economic relations, with the joint development of macroeconomics, harmonization of legislation, and so on. When the economy works for people, they themselves will decide how deep the integration should be and how, in what form, and what design it should look like. We have taken one more step - we have signed agreements. This is a huge step in the development of not just bilateral relations, but the integration process in our space,” said the expert.

We should understand however that we are working in a market economy mode. “Of course, there will be competition, commercial disputes. The question is what light and what goal do we see at the end of the tunnel? If we want to reach this goal, it will all be just collateral elements, no more,” he stressed.

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