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20 December 2021, 14:12

Opinion: Confessions of Polish defector destroyed remains of West's integrity

Nikolai Shchekin. Photo from the personal archive
Nikolai Shchekin. Photo from the personal archive

MINSK, 20 December (BelTA) – The confessions of the Polish defector are an ideological and political blow at what is left of the integrity of the collective West, Nikolai Shchekin, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Head of the Sociology of Public Administration Department at the Sociology Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told BelTA.

“The irresponsible policy of the USA unleashed revanchism in Europe and gave Nazi-like powers to Poland to incite regional conflicts, with the right to further its national interests, including at the expense of Belarus. Ultra-right sentiments are strengthening in Europe. The recent story involving Polish defector Emil Czeczko became a cold shower both for the Polish public and for the hawks of the collective West in general. Poland's reputation as a Catholic, peaceful country cherishing traditional values turned out to be a sham. Warsaw's illegal and criminal actions can accelerate the revision of the results of the Cold War,” the expert noted.

According to him, the recent proposal voiced in Poland to execute the soldier who defected to Belarus hit a new low in the moral abyss of the Polish authorities. “In principle, Poland has put itself outside the civilized world and the legal field. The very defection exposes a low morale, confusion and vacillation in the Polish army. It also reveals that Polish soldiers refuse to fulfill criminal Gestapo-like orders of the command. Thirdly, the truth about the torture and murder of migrants and volunteers can no longer be hidden from the international community. The interview has shown that the soldier is psychologically broken, he was fully aware of his actions and the consequences of his defection as a soldier, as a citizen and as a son of a career officer. He fled from the horrors happening in the Polish army because of his unwillingness to take part in the genocide of his people. The Polish army is an army of death squads and murderers. The Polish authorities are criminals and scoundrels, political adventurers who are ready to kill their people to serve the United States and to pursue their illusory goals. Our border with Poland has turned into a mass grave and a kind of monument to victims of the repressions of the Polish leadership against their people. I am confident that the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus will make every effort to objectively investigate crimes against humanity in Poland with the subsequent provision of evidence to international tribunals,” the expert said.

According to the analyst, there are two scenarios the Polish authorities might pursue: “The first scenario is to admit that their policy was wrong, to cancel the state of emergency, to resign with subsequent criminal proceedings and to expose the monstrous crimes to the entire world. The second scenario is to keep fomenting tensions while taking orders from the USA and Great Britain and terrorizing their population, driving themselves into a deadlock, which could lead to the collapse of the country. We have to state with regret that the Polish authorities have chosen the second path that implies radicalization and militarization of public opinion, a conflict with continental Europe. In any case, Duda, Morawiecki and a number of generals who give orders to destroy their people will face an international tribunal and court.”

Nikolai Shchekin believes that the confessions of the Polish soldier are an ideological and political blow at the remains of the integrity of the collective West. “The General Prosecutor's Office has already prepared five volumes of shocking evidence of the atrocities of the Polish side on the border, which will be forwarded to Brussels. The confession of Polish defector Emil Czeczko in the murder of refugees requires a special investigation and understanding of what is happening in Poland. Yet, it is already clear that Poland is going against the whole world and has become a terrorist state ready to spearhead the revival of the Fourth Reich. Belarus stood up to defend both Europe and the East from Polish terrorism and the advancement of Polish-style Nazism. It is now clear that Belarus is an important element of regional security. Belarus is a safeguard of stability in Europe and an ally in pursuing the eastern vector of a peaceful policy,” the political scientist concluded.

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