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11 June 2021, 10:36

Opinion: Belarus wants to live in peace and follow the path the majority have chosen

MINSK, 11 June (BelTA) - Belarus just wants to live peacefully and follow the path chosen by the majority of the population, Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Council of Deputies Vladimir Terentyev said in an interview to the SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper as he commented on the address of MPs and senators to the international community in connection with the situation around Belarus, BelTA has learned.

“Today, unfortunately, a number of leaders and figures of other states and political forces are trying to put pressure on Belarus under the pretext of democratic values. There are different reasons for this - a desire to expand their own sphere of interest and influence in our country, to distract attention from the internal and external problems of their own states, and so on. However, these actions are absolutely unrelated to the interests of Belarus, as they are directed against the people. It is agricultural and factory workers who will bear the brunt of the consequences. People understand this. That is why the unity, manifested in the preparation of the address, confirms the unity of opinions expressed by all Belarusians. History has taught our people to judge the true attitude not by words, but by actions. Instead of lending a hand and support, they are trying to destroy our country with economic sanctions and plunge it into the abyss of a civil war. Belarus simply wants to live peacefully and follow the path chosen by the majority of the population,” said Vladimir Terentyev.

MP of the Chausy District Council of Deputies Nadezhda Podolyakina believes that an information war is waged against Belarus, and it affects not only the country as a whole, but each of its citizens. “It is especially outrageous that the self-exiled (as they call themselves) ‘politicians' encourage Belarusians to ruin their independence themselves. Here is an interesting fact: even supporters, who once were for these people, do not support these destructive appeals any more. After all, they understand that all these measures will lead to the undermining of the economy. Some media reported a call to block the banking system of Belarus. Such a blockade, however, would affect everyone: from a young mother who receives her maternity benefits to the elderly waiting for their pensions. We have been elected by the people and we need to protect the interests of the people. Belarus will not become a new platform for color revolutions and coups,” the MP stressed.

Bobruisk Mayor Aleksandr Studnev said that Belshina, the city-forming enterprise of Bobruisk, is among the business entities of the country, which the West wants to punish with sanctions. “Our tire manufacturer's contribution to the regional budget is about 8%. If we talk about the city, Belshina accounts for about 15% in the wages fund. It is clear that sanctions will not have the best effect on the operation of the company. Due to a restricted access to foreign markets the production volume can be reduced, which will certainly aggravate the work of the company. The most unpleasant thing is that the wellbeing of a large part of Bobruisk residents may deteriorate. Belshina employs 8,000 people. If we multiply that by four (there is a so-called family factor), it means that more than 30,000 of our citizens depend on the company. I do not think any of them will be happy when their father, husband, or brother gets a lower salary than today. That is exactly what those individuals who are in favor of sanctions are advocating. Even if we are talking about measures allegedly against individual enterprises, in fact, the sanctions are directed against all people of the country,” said the mayor.

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