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30 November 2021, 10:46

Opinion: Belarus is forced to deal with EU's problems

MINSK, 30 November (BelTA) – Belarus is forced to deal with the problems of the European Union in the refugee crisis, political expert Vadim Yelfimov told the STV TV channel, BelTA informs.

“They want us to succumb to their demands in matters concerning the refugees. But we remain unshaken and calm. We are analyzing possible scenarios. Unfortunately, the number of available options is dwindling. Our president is making every effort, he pledges that the Belarusian side will in no way abandon these people. After all, their final destination is Germany, not Belarus. Thus, this is not our problem. But we are forced to deal with the problems of the European Union, while the EU offers no help, but is only fomenting tensions. They are deploying an increasing number of troops there. It remains to be seen how it will end,” the expert said.

According to Vadim Yelfimov, the EU has made no attempts to resolve this migrant conflict. “These are geopolitical games. During his visit to the temporary accommodation facility for refugees, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that no one wants to deal with this issue,” the political scientist stressed. “Being a sympathetic person the president went there to calm down the refugees and tell them once again that Belarusians will not abandon them,” he said.

As the expert noted, Belarus has already spent about $16 million on the maintenance of refugees. “The European Union does not spend money and does not allocate anything - again, it wants us to do it. It was for a reason that the president addressed Europe, as it borders on Belarus. At the same time, the USA can afford turning a blind eye to the refugee crisis. And if the Americans create some problem for us here, or even provoke a war, it will be our common problem, not an American one. The president calls on European politicians to use common sense. But these calls are left unheard so far,” he said.

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