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18 January 2022, 11:00

Opinion: Belarus is a truly people's state where every citizen is heard

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An archive photo

MINSK, 18 January (BelTA) – Belarus is a truly people's state where every citizen is heard, Igor Khlobukin, a member of the Standing Commission on Environment, Natural Resources and Chernobyl Catastrophe of the House of Representatives, told BelTA.

“It is important that nationwide dialogue on the proposed amendments and additions to the Constitution and other important issues are really open, lively, sometimes even a little emotional. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can speak up their mind in a civilized manner within the framework of the law. The ongoing dialogue is a kind of feedback to help bring our fundamental law into line with today's needs. Therefore, public discussion is extremely important and necessary. This is an indicator of true people's power and political maturity of the society. All points of view and positions are important, they will be taken on board and voiced during the work on the Constitution draft. It is important to think about the Motherland, the future of the country and its sustainable development instead of engaging into politicking. This means that the state will be stable and prosperous in the name of every Belarusian, every ordinary person,” Igor Khlobukin said.

According to him, “it is impossible to live in the society and be free from the society”. This principle underpins all the amendments aimed to increase the responsibility of citizens to the society and the state. “Unfortunately, our country will hardly be left in peace, and the events in Kazakhstan are a case in point. Having learned the lessons of the past and relying on recent experience, we are amending the Constitution in order to strengthen our defense capability, protect the society from internal threats and strengthen the social responsibility of the state. After all, the contemporary history has shown that only a strong family, a welfare state and the stability of all branches of government, along with a system of checks and balances, public dialogue and unity of the people, will help us remain a strong European state, and weather all ‘storms' and dangers with dignity and preserve the independent and sovereign Belarus as a strong welfare state for future generations. I am sure that we will have enough will and fortitude to do that,” the MP noted.

Igor Khlobukin emphasized that taking part in constitutional reform, and most importantly, being able to put forward proposals to amend the country's fundamental law is a unique opportunity to to express one's vision of the future that will be later documented and formalized.

“Everyone's opinions, messages, questions matter. This should show the whole world that Belarus is a truly people's power state that listens to the opinion of every citizen. We must continue discussing amendments taking into account the full range of public interests. This way we will be able to clarify complex and incomprehensible issues and, in turn, build public trust. The information obtained during the large-scale public discussion will help us make the right choice and vote for it at the upcoming referendum. And we will take this first historic step towards a new future soon by supporting the Constitution draft, voting for our national unity and the future development of the country,” the MP stated.

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