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05 May 2022, 16:38

Opinion: Belarus does not demolish monuments, reassess WW2 outcomes

MINSK, 5 May (BelTA) – Belarus is not the kind of country to demolish monuments and reassess the results of the war, Director General of the BelTA News Agency Irina Akulovich said at the flower laying ceremony at the Minsk Hero City Stele, BelTA has learned.

“While some countries are demolishing monuments to liberators, desecrating obelisks and banning the celebration of 9 May (probably out of fear of the consolidation of their society), Belarus simply remembers. It remembers its heroes. It remembers those who died and takes care of those who survived that terrible war that swept across our land and left horrible memories in every Belarusian family. It's scary to even imagine how both of my grandfathers, who went through all the horrors of the war, would feel looking at how some countries are now brazenly rewriting the history of the Second World War, how they ban the great Victory Day,” Irina Akulovich said.

“Of course, ‘values become very elastic when it comes to power and profit', as Wallerstein said, but human tragedies, millions of dead and brutally tortured people deserve to be remembered. And this can no longer be measured,” BelTA's director general added.

“Today, BelTA's news feed is full of news items and photos showing how veterans are honored. People organize parades in their courtyards, factory employees sing Victory songs, or people simply come home to veterans. Veterans need our cordiality, attention and respect. We all should do this, not only the state that clearly articulates its position,” added Irina Akulovich.

BelTA's director general noted: “It will be right to take to the streets on 9 May and join the Belarus Remembers campaign. This is fair to our ancestors and our history.”

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