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24 June 2024, 14:06

Operation Bagration: Archival footage of Belarus’ liberation in the summer of 1944. Battles near Mogilev

A situation report of the Soviet Information Bureau for 24 June 1944 said: "After heavy artillery shelling and bombing of the enemy positions from the air, our troops launched an offensive in the Mogilev direction."
The Soviet infantry quickly crossed the Pronya River, the report said. The enemy built a defensive line on the western bank of the river, consisting of numerous bunkers and several lines of trenches. The Soviet troops broke through the enemy's defenses and, building on their success, advanced 20 kilometers.”
It was also reported that a partisan unit named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Zaslonov attacked a German garrison in one settlement of Vitebsk Oblast. In a fierce hand-to-hand fight, the partisans killed 40 Nazis and captured a lot of trophies. The partisan detachment Groza derailed 3 German military echelons in one day. 
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