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18 October 2022, 15:51

No need for mobilization in Belarus, Security Council secretary says

Aleksandr Volfovich
Aleksandr Volfovich

BREST, 18 October (BelTA) – Defense, security, and law enforcement agencies are capable of ensuring the security of citizens. There are no reasons for concern. Everyone should keep doing their jobs. State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Aleksandr Volfovich made the statement as he met with workers of the unitary enterprise Gefest-Technika in Brest, BelTA has learned.

Top officials of defense, security, and law enforcement agencies are meeting with worker collectives all over the country upon instructions of the head of state in order to raise awareness about the evolving military political situation in the country and abroad. The information team that went to Brest included State Secretary of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin, Chairman of the State Security Committee Ivan Tertel, Chairman of the State Border Committee Anatoly Lappo, and Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov.

Aleksandr Volfovich said: “The situation is complicated and truly tense. The West accuses Belarus in a bid to get the country involved in the military conflict. The West is trying to militarize itself by staging a huge number of military exercises and criticizing us for some aggression. Although Belarus has no plans to increase exercises, everything proceeds according to plan. There should be no panic. Everyone should keep doing their jobs: you have to revive the economy, military personnel have to defend and protect military security. No mobilization has been planned. There are no plans for our country to begin combat operations either. We don't need that. And we are ready to protect our country. If, of course, things go south, some crazy heads cross our borders at last, then I think the entire nation will get mobilized and will rise up to defend its country. If, of course, things go that far. But in today's conditions the country's defense, security, and law enforcement agencies are capable of ensuring security of our citizens.”

Amid the hybrid war the situation in the country is manageable largely thanks to the country's president, who keeps a close eye on it. “Unfortunately, the military political situation tends to deteriorate and is approaching the red line, which has probably truly reached its limit since the days of the Cold War. A set of various measures to stabilize and prevent the explosion of the situation in the republic's territory is under consideration. Belarus has always been in favor of resolving problems in peace, through negotiations, without wars, without destruction. What we have created in the territory of sovereign Belarus over 30 years costs a lot,” the official stressed.

Aleksandr Volfovich mentioned decent working conditions, which had been enabled for workers of the successful enterprise Gefest-Technika. It is one of the largest enterprises in Brest. Gefest-Technika products and the brand are well-known and sell well in the country and abroad. During a tour of the enterprise Aleksandr Volfovich paid attention to a stand with information about local residents, who fought during the war in Afghanistan in the 1970-1980s. He suggested setting up similar stands with information about Gefest-Technika workers, who have served or are serving in the Belarusian army. “You have to follow their example because it truly deserves respect: a young man has fulfilled his duty before the Motherland, has matured physically and morally and has returned to his native enterprise. We should be proud of such guys,” the official summed it up.

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