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31 October 2022, 14:00

New house goes on sale in Minsk World! Best prices, attractive loan and installment offers!

The Minsk World Multifunctional complex, located in the new center of gravity of the Belarusian capital, invites you to take a trip to the Western Europe quarter!

Right now

· Apartments in the prestigious 25-storey house Madrid, which is currently under construction, are going on sale right now. You can make a unique investment in a happy and comfortable future for your family by buying a prestigious property and paying minimum prices per square meter

· Partner banks offer the most attractive loan terms - from 11.87%

· Available are long installments

In the Western Europe quarter, the best Belarusian urban planners, in creative tandem with leading Belarusian and foreign architects, are implementing the concept of a "15-minute city". All comfort facilities for adults and children, young people and the elderly, people with limited mobility and large families will be located within walking distance.

Houses of the Western Europe quarter
Houses of the Western Europe quarter

The Western Europe quarter features:

· bright, safe and environmentally friendly playgrounds in the form of space rockets and fairy-tale castles, ships and jungles

two kindergartens with swimming pools

music school

public and educational center



tennis court

basketball court

workout areas

commercial and public building with garage-parking

Western Europe quarter of the Minsk World multifunctional complex
Western Europe quarter of the Minsk World multifunctional complex

Minsk World is a territory of safety and comfort for children, parents and car owners: there is no transit traffic in the quarters of the complex, the adjacent territories are completely car free, and therefore safe. At the same time, the comfort of drivers is ensured.

One of the parking lots in Minsk World, 7 Germanovskaya Street
One of the parking lots in Minsk World, 7 Germanovskaya Street

· ground parking lots are located on the outer perimeter of the quarters, which allows you to quickly get to one of the new thoroughfares of the complex, use the roundabout and reach your final destination in the capital city in 10-15 minutes. Indoor parking is available in the Madrid house.

· multi-story car parks are under construction. They offer parking lots for passenger vehicles of any size, round-the-clock security and automated access.

Let's see what is inside ‘Madrid', the house of the future! The lobbies of the houses of the multifunctional complex are extremely convenient and functional.

Exclusive lobby of the Madrid house
Exclusive lobby of the Madrid house

Any person will feel comfortable here
Any person will feel comfortable here

For the safety and comfort of residents and visitors the lobby of the Madrid house has:

· a concierge desk, behind which you will see a romantic picture of beautiful streets of the capital of Spain

· a homey lounge where your guests will wait for you

· a bathroom with a changing table for babies

· a bicycle storage place to keep your bicycles

· a place where you can leave your strollers, before entering the elevator lobby.

The entrance has two exists: one of the exits leads to the safe adjacent territory, and the second one leads directly to the parking lot (you will not have to spend extra time getting to your vehicle as you are hurrying to the office early in the morning!).

Before proceeding to the elevator hall, we linger on the first floor. The Madrid house has six commercial premises with separate entrances here. Tenants will not have to leave the house to buy what they need. This is also a great location to launch or grow your business in the stylobates of Minsk World houses.

The second exit from the Madrid house
The second exit from the Madrid house

Landlords and entrepreneurs running their business in the complex say that this is a high traffic area.

The house will feature three low-noise high-speed elevators. One of them will carry passengers, the second one - cargoes (comfort when moving in!), and the third one will be panoramic.

This point should be emphasized. Residents of the already commissioned Minsk World houses say that they feel emotions of joy while using the elevators of the beautiful and comfortable new houses of the mixed-use complex! For the greatest comfort of the residents the elevators are located in the central part of the house.

Elevator hall in the Madrid house
Elevator hall in the Madrid house

The Madrid house offers apartments with the area ranging from 28m2 to 75m2. Shell and core is a huge advantage for those who would like to buy real estate with maximum profit today, at the start of sales, when prices are at their lowest

· without dividing the interior space with walls - you can design as many rooms as you need, allocating the area for a kitchen where you want it, even with minimal floor space

· with the possibility of implementing any design project - the owners of the apartments can implement any design idea themselves or arrange for a specialist - a designer will help you realize any your housing dreams.

Parking lots along the perimeter of the quarter give quick access to the highway
Parking lots along the perimeter of the quarter give quick access to the highway

Apartments in the Madrid house boast 2.72m ceilings (3m on the 25th floor) and panoramic windows, which provide

· visual space expansion — with full-height windows even a small apartment looks significantly larger

· beautiful views of the surrounding grounds — increases respectability of your home!

· year-round inflow of natural light, even in the autumn-winter period — ergonomic and useful for the health of children and adults!

Business Center
Business Center

The Business Center is being built across the quarter. Its appearance on the map of the mixed-use complex, city and country will be a milestone and an incentive to further increase the value of property in the Madrid house. The purchase of real estate, which you can make right now, claims to become the most profitable investment in life!

Avia Mall
Avia Mall

The country's largest shopping and entertainment center will open its doors next to the Business Center. It has a ‘flying' name – Avia Mall - in honor of the Minsk 1 airport on which runways the experimental mixed-use complex Minsk World is being built. One of the Avia Mall's exits will be integrated with the entrance hall of a new station of the Zelenoluzhskaya line of Minsk metro. The finishing works at the Aerodromnaya metro station is underway. The station is set to open in summer 2023.

Would you like to make a unique investment and protect your money from inflation while providing your loved ones with a life of genuine comfort? The new building of the future Madrid awaits you! Sales have started today. The price for square meters is at the bottom right now and can only grow in the future!

SUPER TERMS for purchasing real estate still await you! Installment plans have become even more affordable in certain objects of Minsk World under construction with an area of up to 32m2! Your monthly payment starts at Br750!

In finished houses and houses under construction

  • special offers are available that allow doctors and nurses, school teachers, professors of colleges and universities, IT specialists, athletes who have been awarded at international and national competitions, as well as disabled people, to purchase real estate with a 3% discount.

  • corporate clients also receive a 3% discount if they pay 100% of the cost with their own money and the 3% corporate discount also applies to installments if the corporate client purchases objects in houses under construction

  • those who sell their old housing through partner agencies of the group of real estate development companies receive an additional discount if they pay 100% of the cost as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”

Feel free to participate in a unique promo taking place in the Emirates quarter. You can get a profitable package deal here. If you buy real estate in the Volna house, you get prestigious apartments and parking space in a parking garage!

Discover a world of comfort for yourself and your loved ones in Minsk World! – 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Representatives of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your visits and calls in 57 towns and cities across Belarus.

Minsk World. We build with love!

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