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15 May 2019, 17:47

New Belarusian small arms on display at MILEX 2019

MINSK, 15 May (BelTA) – New samples of Belarusian small arms have been presented during the defense technology expo MILEX 2019, BelTA has learned.

The sniper rifle Tigr is one of them. It is a profound modernization of the legendary sniper river SVD. The bolt-action sniper rifles SV.01 and SV.02 are fully Belarusian products. Their effective range is 600-800m while the maximum range is up to 1km, BelTA learned from Oleg Tupik, a representative of the Belarusian company BSVT New Technologies.

The SV sniper rifle is the first rifle made in Belarus. It has a modern barrel to ensure good hits over medium distances – 300-600m. The barrel can be used to fire up to 8,000 shots. The rifle's Picatinny rail can mount a proprietary tactical optical sight Puma 3-12x50. The weapon can be switched to semi-automatic mode. It can also be fitted with a suppressor.

The products on display also include pistols designed by Igor Vasilyev: semi-automatic modular pistols PSNV and PV-17 as well as a 7.62mm sniper rifle SV.01 and a 5.56mm sniper rifle SV.02. PSNV is one of the first pistols designed in Belarus. It is a simple and reliable gun built on a scheme with a short barrel motion just like most of the classic well-established pistols. The pistol is designed to fire popular 9x18 and 9x19 Parabellum rounds. The pistol weighs only 460g and boasts the muzzle velocity of 340-250mps. Fire accuracy is twice as good as that of the Makarov pistol. The PSNV pistol comes with a magazine for six rounds. Parameters of the PV-17 pistol are on par with modern weapons. It uses 9x19 Parabellum rounds. The magazine can hold 17 rounds.

Since 2017 the Belarusian defense products exporter Belspetsvneshtechnika and BSVT New Technologies have been working to start the production of small arms and ammunition in Belarus. The companies believe the experience accumulated in the course of starting the production of civilian weapons and ammunition will be sufficient for the development and production of combat weapons.

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