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27 October 2022, 14:00

New attractive terms to purchase prestigious property in Minsk World!

Installments in Minsk World have become even more affordable. For certain objects under construction with an area of up to 32m2, the monthly payment starts from Br750. Welcome to the Western Europe quarter!

Western Europe quarter

The houses in this new neighborhood of the future bear the names of British and Belgian, Spanish and French, German and Dutch cities. Taking advantage of the installment plan, which has become even more affordable, you can find yourself in the atmosphere of comfort of Amsterdam, the largest and most beautiful city in the Netherlands, Venice, the world capital of romance, or the unforgettable Paris.

From left to right: London, Marseille, Paris, Venice

The best architectural trends of these European capitals and legendary cities have been implemented in the new houses of the multifunctional complex. Minsk World is build on the unique advanced concept of the "15-minute city" .

Would you like your child to grow up in a safe and comfortable environment, where all the facilities necessary for his comprehensive development are within walking distance? The Western Europe quarter of the Minsk World multifunctional complex features:

- bright and colorful playgrounds for kids, each of which resembles a small mini-park

- two kindergartens with swimming pools

- a music school and a social and educational center with a library.

Adjacent territory of the quarter

Adults have the opportunity to maintain good physical shape all year round, teach their children to love sport and take care of their health. The Western Europe quarter will have:

- workout areas

- a basketball stadium and a tennis court

- a polyclinic for adults.

Above the first floor there are terraces for summer cafés

Do you fancy good shopping or want to launch a startup or to scale up your business? A Business Center is under construction in one of the neighboring quarters. It is a unique business hub where all kinds of international projects will be implemented. Avia Mall, the country's largest shopping and entertainment center, will also be built there.

Towers of the Business Center

In addition to surface parking, there are also parking lots within walking distance

The multifunctional complex opens up opportunities to materialize various business projects. Cafes and pastry shops, stores, pharmacies and boutiques are successfully running in the stylobates of Minsk World houses and other residential complexes of the developer. The owners of these businesses are happy about this location as this is a busy area with a lot of traffic and they make good money.

Business premises of up to 32m2 are under construction in several houses. The installment plan to buy these premises has become even more affordable, and your monthly payment will start

from Br750. These premises are located in the following houses:




The main entrance to the Venice house will be at the ground level. There will be flower pots and benches near it.

Residents and visitors to the Venice house will be able to enjoy a beautiful design as they enter the house

Venice house

The Venice apartments are as large as 27.8m2 to 76.9m2. Residential premises will occupy 23 out of 25 floors of the building.

There will be a basement floor with well-equipped storerooms where residents will be able to keep their stuff.

There will be 17 business premises on the first floor (from 24m2 to 68m2, each will have a separate entrance and a bathroom).

The second floor of the Venice house will be fit for 14 business premises ranging from 24.3m2 to 54.5m2.

These venues are a great place to launch or grow your business. These premises will be accessible from the usable roof above the first floor. Amsterdam is waiting for you! This high-rise accent of the Western Europe quarter also has 25 floors. The first floor will have six commercial premises. Each will have a separate entrance and a bathroom.

Amsterdam house

The Amsterdam house will span 310 shell and core apartments with the area ranging from 28m2 to 75m2 - the maximum scope for your design ideas. Ceilings on floors 2-24 are 2.72m, and those on the 25th floor are 3m. All windows are panoramic. They boast a light exterior toning. All apartments have glazed loggias.

Main entrance to the Paris house

Business facilities with separate entrances and sanitary facilities will occupy the first two floors in the Paris house. Apartments with the area varying from 27.8m2 to 76.9m2 are on floors 23-25. Shell and core solutions open up a variety of possibilities for an individual design project to arrange the interior in the way you like best. Full-height windows will ensure a lot of natural light, energy and good mood year-round.

Designer lobby in the Venice house

Entering the Venice, Amsterdam or Paris houses, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and classiness. Residents of the new houses will be welcomed in a designer lobby produced by leading domestic and foreign specialists. The Venice house features the image of ancient cathedrals of Santa Maria della Salute, San Giorgio Maggiore and the legendary Grand Canal.

Designer lobby of the Amsterdam house

The Amsterdam house will welcome you with a wonderful image of the old quarters of the Dutch capital along the famous water canals.

Designer lobby in the Paris house

The designer lobby of the Paris house will boast a picture of the main attraction of France - the Eiffel Tower, which reaches 300m in height.

A lounge area in the Paris house

The designer lobbies of the houses ensure the convenience of residents and guests through:

· a concierge desk

· a bathroom with a changing table

· recreation areas featuring bookcrossing spots

· bike and pram spaces that allow you to leave your bicycle or baby pram on the first floor before going up to your apartment in one of the low-noise high-speed elevators. They reveal the beauty of Minsk World and the surrounding areas.

Only in October 2022

SUPER TERMS for purchasing real estate in Minsk World! Installment plans have become even more affordable in certain objects under construction with an area of up to 32m2! Your monthly payment starts at Br750!

In finished houses and houses under construction

  • special offers are available that allow doctors and nurses, school teachers, professors of colleges and universities, IT specialists, athletes who have been awarded at international and national competitions, as well as disabled people, to purchase real estate with a 3% discount.

  • corporate clients also receive a 3% discount if they pay 100% of the cost with their own money and the 3% corporate discount also applies to installments if the corporate client purchases objects in houses under construction

  • those who sell their old housing through partner agencies of the group of real estate development companies receive an additional discount if they pay 100% of the cost as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”

Feel free to participate in a unique promo taking place in the Emirates quarter. You can get a profitable deal. If you buy real estate in the Volna house, you get prestigious apartments and parking space in a parking garage!

The short number is 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Consultants of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your visits and calls in 57 towns and cities across Belarus.

Minsk World. Everything you've dreamed about for so long!

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