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19 October 2022, 14:00

New attractive terms for business in Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev!

Choosing the ideal location is one of the key factors for a successful startup or for a new page in the history book of your business! The fully finished residential complexes Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev offer the most attractive terms for entrepreneurial activity. How are things going for those who have opened their business here? We asked them!

Welcome to Mayak Minska!

A BSM footwear and accessory boutique is located in the spacious Picasso shopping gallery, convenient for any business.

Natalya, BSM boutique executive

Our store is well-known. For many years we worked in large shopping centers, but it is the third year since we moved to the Picasso shopping gallery, located opposite the National Library. I believe that it was our best decision in recent years. Location is as convenient as possible! People come here not only for shopping, but also for spending time in a very beautiful place - Picasso Boulevard.

BSM is a world of fashionable and beautiful things for women!

People come to tour the National Library. Many of them are happy to shop! This is the best district of Minsk! We not only work here. We have moved to live here. It is a good place for taking walks, doing your shopping or getting services. We chose Mayak Minska of all the possible locations for business in the city. This multifunctional complex has fully met our expectations. It is much better here than in large shopping centers. The concept "city inside the city" is very cool! We are very happy to have moved here!"

Exquisite shoes and accessories for the most sophisticated fashionistas

The Beautiful House store offers creative and useful items for home decor.

Dmitry, business owner

“We have been running our business at Mayak Minska for five years, but our business extends beyond this multifunctional complex. It is convenient to run a business here. The location is great! There is a large parking lot nearby (we are located near the National Library - there is a huge parking lot and pedestrian crossings leading to the store). You can also find parking spaces if you come from the side of the residential complex.

A visit to the Beautiful House store is like a visit to a miracle shop!

Our store is housed in the arch, opposite the fountain, which is on throughout summer. It is beautiful and draws a lot of people – not only residents of the area, but also other visitors. This is a very good place for sightseeing: tourists come here not only for the library, but also for Mayak Minska as this is a very interesting complex!

The arch where the Beautiful House store is housed

We have a separate entrance. You can see the entire store through the large windows. You can see the assortment as you pass by, and if something catches your eye, you can go inside and ask about the things that interest you. It is very convenient and it benefits our business a lot!

Mayak Minska is the best place for offline and online trade!

Our additional advantage is having our own online store. There are many delivery services on Picasso Boulevard - CDEK, Europochta, Belpochta. We easily ship our goods to buyers from Belarus and also Russian regions.

Picasso Boulevard is home to a great number of businesses

After purchasing apartments in Mayak Minska, new residents want to fill them with beautiful things. Our customers often asked us to help them with interior design. And recently we have branched out into a new business and opened an architectural bureau.

Aesthetics of the elite district of the Belarusian capital

Real estate in Mayak Minska is very actively bought by wealthy people who want professional help with interior design. A lot of new tenants have come here within a short period of time. We really like this place. We do not want to change it, although Minsk is our hometown and we can consider different options and locations. But this is where we feel comfortable!”

The Homely store offers Belarusian clothes, creative pajamas and linens.

Alesya, an employee of the Homely store (Mayak Minska)

Mayak Minska is a modern complex that features a huge number of brands. Our store is located in the Picasso shopping gallery. It is interesting to work here! On the boulevard, big numbers of people stroll near the chic fountain and the beautiful National Library.

Dana Dance fountain and the National Library of Belarus

Many people come here with children. Nearby is the Vostok metro station, so it is convenient for Minsk residents from other districts to get here. There are a lot of tourists from different countries who are always interested in high-quality Belarusian goods!

Homely store in the Picasso shopping gallery

Our assortment includes linens, pajamas, home and outdoor clothing. We always look forward to welcoming here the residents of the complex, other districts of the city and guests of Belarus!

We also took a look into a store of the Jeweler Karat chain.

Tatiana, an employee of the jewelry store

“I am glad that our Jeweler Karat store is located in one of the most remarkable mixed-use complexes of our city, Mayak Minska. The windows of our store overlook the National Library of Belarus and the singing illuminated fountain. Here, in addition to amazing - with panoramic views! - apartments, there are plenty of stores, cafes, and a stunning walking area on Picasso Boulevard. Those wishing to visit the Jeweler Carat store can park their car for free in the library's parking lot.”

You can purchase jewelry for your loved ones here!

Wondering whether it is profitable to do business in the multifunctional complex Park Chelyuskintsev, we went to a flower shop located in the prestigious quarter of the city.

Galina, director of the flower shop

“The shop is slightly more than a year old. The location is excellent! Virtually all the residents are client-centered. There are many outlets in this complex that sell things people need or that offer popular services. There is a nail salon, food stores, and other outlets for comfortable life. I am a motorist and can easily find space to park my car. There is always space at any time. If the car breaks down, the metro is nearby. The magnificent and fragrant park and botanical gardens are a step away. There is also the Children's Railroad.”

Park Chelyuskintsev offers entertainment of any kind for children and adults!

The residential complex Park Chelyuskintsev

Would you like to implement a bold startup or open a new page in the history of your business? New profitable terms for buying commercial premises await you in the legendary multifunctional complexes Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev!

Dial 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Representatives of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your visits and calls in 57 towns and cities across Belarus!

Commercial real estate in Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev. For success-driven individuals!

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