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26 October 2020, 18:07

Napoleon Orda's manor house to reopen after renovations soon

BREST, 26 October (BelTA) – Napoleon Orda's manor house in Ivanovo District, Brest Oblast is gearing up to reopen after renovations, Valentina Borodinchik, the head of the cultural department of the Ivanovo District Executive Committee, told BelTA.

The renovations on the manor house began in 2009 and were completed last December. Now the staff of the regional museum complex are busy preparing the scientific and artistic concept of the permanent exhibition.

"As financial opportunities come along, we purchase exhibits for the exhibition. We hope to get it ready, at least partially, by the end of the year and open the museum to visitors,” Valentina Borodinchik said. “We are very interested in promoting the legacy of Napoleon Orda. Putting up an exhibition costs a lot of money, but we are doing our best. We use the funds earned during the clean-up days. We also look for sponsors."

“The main exhibition in the ancestral nest of the artist and composer will be focused on the life of the nobility. We also want to designate two rooms to show the life and culture of peasants so that visitors could compare the life of different classes," Valentina Borodinchik explained. Tourists will be able to walk around 16 rooms, including a grand hall, a library, a living room, dining and ballrooms, a children's room, and a study.

Plans are in place to plant a garden similar to the one the manor house had in the past. "It is impossible to do everything at once. This is a job for the future. We are interested in recreating outbuildings in order to completely reconstruct the manor and the park," Valentina Borodinchik summed up.

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