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26 October 2020, 17:42

MP speaks against strikes at Belarusian enterprises

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MINSK, 26 October (BelTA) – Competitors will not stay idle and are ready to take over markets, BelTA learned from Andrei Strunevsky, a member of the Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport, and Communications Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus.

The MP said: “It is necessary to work, start negotiations, amend the Constitution, and deal with the tasks at hand. But we hear only some ultimatum statements and that's it. Two sides can always find a consensus, can reach an agreement if they are willing to meet each other halfway. An ultimatum can produce nothing good.”

According to the MP, the opposition's ultimatum that promised a nationwide strike had not come true. “They wanted Belarusians to go on strike while they were abroad. They wanted to use Belarusians as puppets and make them protest in the streets. But another day has begun and everyone has gone to work. I represent Soligorsk. Miners are at work and the enterprises connected with Belaruskali are at work as well. The situation is the same in Minsk,” he noted.

Andrei Strunevsky stressed that economy is part of the independence of the state and calls for strikes can result in irreversible processes. “Because your competitors will not stay idle. They are always eager to retake the markets you vacate and become monopolists in some segments. If we yield now, it will be very difficult to catch up later. And our partners will look and think: if we don't have stability, how can anyone do business with us? By cooperating with foreign partners, we demonstrate that we can and know how to work, that we are capable of working at various levels,” the MP added.

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