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29 March 2024, 16:52

Moldovan children on the way home, praise Belarus’ hospitality

OSHMYANY DISTRICT, 29 March (BelTA) – Participants of the children’s music band from Moldova and their parents shared their emotions and joy after hearing the news they can finally go home after being unable to leave Belarus for two days, BelTA has learned.

“We are happy now. Certainly, we want to go home very much. We are supposed to be home already. It is good that we didn’t sit quiet and revealed this situation to the public. Although we didn’t want that much to leave Belarus. This is probably why we were told to go back three times,” Aleksandra Podolskaya found the strength to make a joke.

“We were surprised one more time by the hospitality. But we knew that it would be like that because it is Belarus,” Olga Pleshko said. She stressed that they had been welcomed in all Belarusian cities and had not been left without assistance. “No other country is as hospitable as Belarus,” she added.

Their daughters noted they had liked their stay in Belarus very much. They liked tasty food and the games in the school where they had been staying. “It is impossible to root out these things from people in the post-Soviet space. They are always ready to provide disinterested aid. This is how their mentality differs from western people. Things are different over there. I am very glad that things are the way they are here. I hope we will keep it as well,” Natalya Myshkina said.

Chairman of the Oshmyany District Executive Committee Vladislav Gershgorin commented on the situation. “We are always ready to help. We’ve managed to do it. Everyone went home. I hope and I am confident that the kids will be fine,” he said. The kids had been accommodated in a school in Oshmyany District. They had been able to take a shower. They had had premises and everything necessary for recreation, for sleeping. They had been fed hot meals.

Asked why the bus had problems crossing into Lithuania, Charge d'affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Belarus Nicolae Miinea said: “It was a very inconvenient time. It was night. Today the problem was resolved very fast. [At night Lithuanians] let everyone pass: citizens of Moldova, citizens of Belarus, and other ones. But the problem had to be resolved at a different level. In Vilnius. It was necessary to obtain a permit for the bus’ passage.”

The kids from Moldova, who had been unable to enter Poland and Lithuania for two days, are on the way home. The kids had received the necessary aid from Belarus: hot meals, normal accommodations, and the warmest attitude.

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