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28 March 2024, 10:25

Mitskevich names criteria for selecting delegates to Belarusian People’s Congress

MINSK, 28 March (BelTA) –  Head of the Secretariat of the Belarusian People’s Congress Valery Mitskevich told BelTA’s The Nation Speaks project what the delegates to the Belarusian People’s Congress should be like.

“These people should care about their country. They should have enough experience, because decisions they will take will be very impactful, so such decisions should be approached very carefully. And often delegates will have to tap into their experience and worldview,” said Valery Mitskevich.

The Belarusian People’s Congress will include representatives of three branches of government: legislative, judicial and executive, added Igor Golubitsky, Head of the Department of Constitutional and International Law of the Belarus National Center of Legislation and Legal Research. “There will also be delegates from local councils of deputies and civil society organizations. In other words, people from nearly all walks of life,” he emphasized.

“People working in local councils of deputies received public support when they were elected. The best deputies of local councils will be delegated to the Belarusian People’s Congress,” noted Igor Golubitsky. “As far as civil society is concerned, delegates will be nominated by the biggest public associations with more than 100,000 members. Their background will be studied, their achievements will be assessed in order to determine whether they deserve to represent such large organizations at such a high level. The Belarusian People’s Congress is the highest representative body. The best of the best will be elected there, so its delegates will be very decent people,” he added.
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