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29 May 2020, 14:00

Minsk World: Your apartment is waiting for you! The prestigious complex offers most attractive terms!

Spring 2020 is coming to an end, while the hot spring promos in the Minsk World complex in the Belarusian capital continue. Apartments here are available in installments for 10 years and without a down payment. You pay less than 1% of the price and you become an owner of your own apartment! Do not take a wait and see approach. The promo "Buy now, pay later!" will last only until 30 June. There's only a month left!

A reminder, the unique promo "Buy now, pay later!" provides an opportunity to buy an apartment in installments, interest-free, for 10 years from the developer without a down payment! There are no such terms anywhere in the world!

How to buy an apartment in installments in practice?

The purchase agreement is formalized directly with the developer. You will not need income verification certificates and guarantors. Only a passport is needed to sign a contract!

The price for the apartment in installments is divided by the number of years chosen by the buyer to determine the amount of monthly payments to be made for your own housing.

Minsk World offers a maximum installment period of 10 years. This means that the price for the apartment in installments is divided by 120 monthly payments! Your first monthly payment is less than 1% of the cost, or 0.83% to be exact. And you become an apartment owner!

The promo "Buy now, pay later!" applies to certain apartments in different houses in different quarters of the complex. In total, several hundred apartments take part in the promo - from small studios to spacious penthouses. Therefore, choosing the option that your family needs is not a problem!

Often buyers are curious about the commissioning deadlines.

Apartments that participate in the promo are in the houses that are in the final stage of construction. They are scheduled to be delivered in 2020 and 2021. So buyers will not have to wait long for their apartments.

Yelena, an apartment owner in the Emirates Wave house

After the house is commissioned the buyers can start remodeling their apartments, move in and live happily, paying monthly 0.83% of the cost of their apartments.

The amount is comparable to the rent prices in Minsk. It is just that you pay for your own apartment, while living in it! It is much wiser to pay money for your property, not someone else's, isn't it!

Keep in mind that the promo "Buy now, pay later!" extends to apartments in the North America quarter. More than that, an additional discount of 10% also applies to these apartments.

If you want to buy housing in the Minsk World multifunctional complex, you can also use an incredibly attractive partnership loan program "Mortgage with us" from Belarusbank! In the first year the interest rate will be 3.99%, in the second and third - 9%, and in the following years - 14.09%. The loan is issued for up to 20 years in Belarusian rubles. At the same time, the minimum down payment is only 10%! This offer is truly unique, as most of banks have suspended issuing housing loans. It is not surprising that many people who have dreamed for many years of having an apartment of their own in Minsk, now rush to take advantage of the great offers the Minsk World complex has launched!

Yelena from Minsk decided to purchase an apartment in the Emirates Wave house of the nearly completed Emirates Lux quarter.

“Our apartment is located in the eighth section on the eighth floor. We were attracted by the terms that made an apartment more affordable. Proximity to the metro also played its part. It is an important factor, as a possibility to easily reach any part of the city makes your life more convenient and comfortable,” the customer said.

Yelena, an apartment owner in the Emirates Wave house

The customer already has a clear idea how her future apartment will look like. The finishing of the house is nearly complete, just some final touches are needed!

“The windows will look into the future avenue that will run across the complex. Our apartment was designed to a base-build principle. We will make two bedrooms there. The base-build concept allows arranging a place the way you want without being restricted by anything. I have two kids, they go to school. I do not want to send them to another school after we move here. Therefore, the proximity to the metro will be very useful. They will be able to get to school literally within 15 minutes! By the way, we plan to move in this autumn,” Yelena said smiling.

She is in charge of a sales department in a company and she knows very well what smart

spending is. She calls her new apartment a good investment.

“Investment in real estate is one of the best types of investment, especially in Minsk. Buying an apartment is much better than renting it. The developer holds various promos all the time. I have been following them. Simultaneously, we have been saving for the down payment to buy an apartment in the best moment possible. When the company announced that no down payment is needed, we realized that we could afford an apartment. We have struck a great deal!” the customer is convinced.

Emirates Wave house

Lobby of the Emirates Wave house

OTIS elevators

Children's playgrounds and sports grounds with a special soft surface

Yelena's choice is really good! The entrances of the prestigious Emirates Wave house is near the future Aerodromnaya metro station.

Two new metro stations will be located within the borders of the complex

The seventh section has 18 floors, the eighth section – 21 floors. The size of apartments range from 42 to 112 square meters.

The upper floors have apartments with open terraces. The ground floor features commercial premises. Very soon there will be numerous cafes, stores and boutiques here.

The ground floor of the Emirates Wave house features commercial premises

The work in a big shopping center with the total area of more than 4,000 square meters will soon be completed in the quarter, and this corner of the Minsk World complex will be fully finished. Apartments in the two last sections of the Emirates Wave house is the last opportunity to become a resident of the Emirates Lux quarter. Apartments in the other houses here have been sold out!

A shopping and entertainment center

The recent interesting offer in the Minsk World complex is the Nice house which apartments have just gone on sale. This is the start of a new quarter which will be called Mediterranean. It will be especially appealing to families with children. Inside the quarter there will be a kindergarten for 230 children with a swimming pool. Modern schools will be built nearby.

Mediterranean quarter

The Nice house will be one of the high-rise dominants of the quarter. The house will feature a blue-tinted glazed facade. More than 70% of the exterior walls will be glazed. The 25-storey house will feature 294 apartments of 28-75m2.

Nice house

All the apartments boast a base-build concept. Ceilings are 2.7m high and there are 3-meter-high ceilings on the upper floor! The base-built concept enables everyone to create an interior to their taste and style.

Glazed loggias in all the apartments! The apartments will have a lot of light and air. All windows are panoramic and there are balconies in bigger apartments. The lower part of the solid glazing does not open and is equipped with reinforced shatterproof double-glazed windows from the world's leading manufacturers - for the safety and convenience of tenants.

All apartments feature glazed loggias and floor-to-ceiling windows with children's security locks

The same as all the other houses in the Minsk World complex, the Nice house welcomes its residents and guests with a designer lobby. The lobby features three-meter-high ceilings and a concierge stand, a courier waiting area, a restroom with a baby changing station. There is an area to store bikes and prams. There are two entrances – one into the courtyard and the other into the car park. There are also bike racks near the house.

Lobby of the Nice house

A panoramic elevator is a special chic of the Nice house! Located on the western facade, it overlooks the whole Minsk World complex, including the skyscrapers of the International Financial Center, the park, and the shopping and entertainment center. The Nice house will feature three high-speed and noiseless elevators OTIS from the world's leading manufacturer of lifting equipment. 

The Nice house is beautiful, comfortable housing in the center of the city for a nice price!

Buyers of apartments in the Nice house will get all the advantages of the complex, which is being built in the heart of Minsk! After all, the entire infrastructure of the Europe's largest project Minsk World will be within a walking distance!

The complex will feature polyclinics for children and adults, a medical center, shops and gyms, cafes and restaurants, in other words – everything you need for a comfortable life!

A new park with shady walking paths, fountains and sculptural compositions, workout areas and children's playgrounds will spring up not far from the Mediterranean quarter. This park will certainly become a popular place for quiet and active leisure.

All the quarters will be linked by a network of bike paths; the first kilometers of bike paths have already been laid! No doubt, this will offer a wonderful opportunity for leisure rides and intensive workouts.

All the quarters will be linked by a network of bike paths

The transport infrastructure is excellent here. There is a bus stop within the quarter and two new metro stations nearby. The new metro stations will be located within the borders of the complex.

The international financial center Minsk World is being built next to the quarter. Minsk World is designed to attract investments from all over the globe and foster the creation of thousands of jobs in Belarus.

A large shopping and entertainment center will also be constructed here.

The developer believes that it should offer modern citizens not just square meters, but a lifestyle. During its construction, the Minsk World complex has become a dream come true and a new comfortable and beautiful neighborhood for many buyers! And they are ready to share their feelings!

For instance, just the way participants of the contest Easter in Minsk World do it!

This year's event is a creative contest organized by the real estate development company. It is the fifth contest on record. Works by kids and young people that depict the development of the multifunctional complex Minsk World can be submitted to the contest. Participants are encouraged to use the branding and images of the complex. Young talents from all parts of the country have been able to submit their works.

For instance, Andrei Bilyk, a sixth-form school student, won the first prize last year with the work “Easter sun above Minsk World”. The winner received a certificate to redeem Br1,000. Many participants were awarded – 21 authors of paintings and drawings, handmade crafts, sculptural compositions were praised.

Andrei Bilyk's Easter Sun Above Minsk World

This year there will be no grand ceremony to award the winners but all the kids will receive the prizes they deserve – winners have already been determined and results are about to be published!

Certainly, the contest will continue next year as well.

So hurry up and join the ranks of the lucky ones, who have managed to buy apartments in the prestigious residential complex in the country's capital on the most beneficial terms!

Moreover, you can buy an apartment of your own on even more interesting terms – If you buy an apartment online, you can save Br4,000! Online reservation is particularly convenient for those, who do not live in Minsk, those with little time to spare for a visit to the sales office, and for those, who would not want to appear in person in public places in today's situation. While saving money all the same!

Feel free to use the convenient services the website offers!

Regional sales managers in 15 cities across the country – Brest, Pinsk, Baranovichi, Gomel, Mozyr, Svetlogorsk, Rechitsa, Zhlobin, Grodno, Lida, Vitebsk, Orsha, Novopolotsk, Mogilev, and Bobruisk – can consult you about the developer's construction projects.

The office to sell apartments in the Minsk World complex is open from 8:30 till 20:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 till 20:00 on weekends and holidays at 9 Mstislavtsa Street (ground floor, Dana Center), Vostok metro station, Minsk.

The mobile hotline number is 7675, fixed-line numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465.

Choose an apartment in Minsk World – a profitable investment in the future!

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