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02 June 2022, 14:00

Minsk World, the new center of gravity of Belarusian capital, welcomes residents of the regions!

Minsk is one of the coziest, most beautiful and comfortable cities in Europe. It remains the dream of many residents from the regions of Belarus. But not always those who live in other cities had the opportunity to move to the capital and feel the benefits of living in a metropolis. This summer is the time to fulfill your dreams! The Minsk World multifunctional complex is running a discount of up to €150 per 1m2 for certain apartments.

The Minsk World multifunctional residential business and entertainment complex, built on the site of the former Minsk-1 airport, is turning into the new center of gravity in the Belarusian capital. On 28 and 29 May it welcomed guests from Vitebsk and Mogilev.

Minsk World has implemented the concept of a "15-minute city", which allows those who have chosen to live in this multifunctional complex to have everything they need without leaving its grounds. The quarters of the complex or directly the stylobates of new houses will have cafes and gourmet shops, modern kindergartens and schools, stadiums for team games and workout zones, polyclinics and private medical institutions, one of the largest shopping centers in Belarus and the International Financial Center, which will become a transnational hub for business projects and career building. Did the residents of Vitebsk and Mogilev like it here? Let's give the floor to the guests of the Belarusian capital who visited Minsk World!


I like the lobby with its bright colors. No matter whether it is raining or sunny outside, it will always be bright and flamboyant inside. I really like the entries. They are bright, just like apartments. There is always a lot of light due to large panoramic windows. Probably every modern guy has a dream: to stand with his girlfriend near a huge panoramic window and look at the beautiful sky. If you buy an apartment in Minsk World, your dream will come true! I am sure that people who live in houses near Minsk World start their morning with looking at this beautiful multifunctional complex.


The excursion was amazing. I liked everything very much. I will buy a small studio here. I chose the Asia quarter where I found wonderful apartments. I'll be signing a purchase contract soon!

Asia quarter, intersection of Kizhevatova Street and Brilevskaya Street
Asia quarter, intersection of Kizhevatova Street and Brilevskaya Street

I really liked the panoramic windows that offer a beautiful view. There is no such thing in Vitebsk yet. Here, in Minsk World, everything is interesting and modern. I really liked the Emirates quarter where we went on excursions. This is a great option for those who want to start a family. From the windows you will see a safe surrounding area where children walk. All the necessary infrastructure facilities, like shops, schools, kindergartens, are located nearby. You will not have to go far!

Safe adjacent territory of the Emirates quarter. All infrastructure right at hand!
Safe adjacent territory of the Emirates quarter. All infrastructure right at hand!


We got a bunch of impressions from what we saw! Everything is done for people's comfortable and beautiful life. I liked the Miami house most of all – it is gorgeous!

Lobby of the Miami house
Lobby of the Miami house

Nice open-plan living, beautifully finished apartments. Everything inside is ready for a person to move in and live decorating the already comfortable space with the things their like.

Ready to move in and fully furnished apartments in the Miami house
Ready to move in and fully furnished apartments in the Miami house

Playgrounds here are simply a fairy tale! There are great places for kids of different ages. Parents who move here with their kids and teens will be very happy here.


Everything is beautiful, neat and modern. There is a desire to stay here as long as possible. Full-height windows are very unusual. The apartments are flooded with natural light! As you walk in you see a reception desk, which I would call a photo zone. Everything is so beautiful here! Even the mailboxes look great - there is a place for advertising leaflets. I really liked a sanitary room on the first floor equipped with a baby changing table and a paw washer.

Sergei Mikhailovich

Everything is great! The complex is huge and interesting. I really liked the Asia quarter grounds. There is a variety of children's playgrounds there.

Skate park, playgrounds, workout zones in the Asia quarter
Skate park, playgrounds, workout zones in the Asia quarter

The houses are beautiful and modern. Magnificent infrastructure. A great choice of apartments – it is here that a person can find exactly what they want – some will opt for a studio while some will want an apartment larger than that. In the Miami house I very liked apartments with completed finish work. One can move in and live right away. I will definitely tell my acquaintances about Minsk World and its quality beautification. A large park will be part of the multifunctional complex. It will be simply amazing here in several years! The center of the city is nearby. There is metro, the transport infrastructure is well-developed: one can easily reach any part of the city by trolleybus or by bus. Minsk World is an excellent place to live and work in!

Summer has come – the best time to buy apartments – the Summer Promo in Minsk World is in effect – the discount of up to €150 per square meter in certain apartments! It is an excellent opportunity to protect savings from inflation by putting them into the hardest currency and most promising one of them all – square meters in prestigious real estate.

The increase in prices for square meters in new construction houses of the multifunctional complex is unavoidable and is driven by the continuous development of the infrastructure in the complex and its transport links. Would you like to see Minsk World with your own eyes? A free tour from Gomel will be available as early as this Saturday! Guests from Vitebsk will be able to come to Minsk World this Sunday! Call 7675!

Minsk World. Dreams become reality this summer!

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