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24 November 2020, 14:00

Minsk World: Prestige is determined by infrastructure

It implies that its residents will have everything they need at hand, within a walking distance. It sounds, of course, attractive but what does it mean in practice?

Now it is much easier to imagine what Minsk World will look like in the near future than three or four years ago. A lot of work has been done! Dozens of houses rose along the streets of Aerodromnaya and Kizhevatova. The complex is already home to several thousand families. According to Pavel Ovcharov, director of Dana Astra, every day of the construction the concept of the complex becomes more and more visible - all residents of the new "city within the city" will be offered the highest level of comfort.

Pavel Ovcharov, director of IOO Dana Astra
Pavel Ovcharov, director of IOO Dana Astra

“The third metro line has been opened, and Mira Avenue will be commissioned within a few months. This means that the residents of the complex will have no problems with transport infrastructure! One kindergarten is already up and running, another one is being built, a new school for residents of the district will be within a walking distance. The shopping mall has been finished and will open its doors to customers in the coming months. A parking lot has been running for a year. Everything is done here for comfortable life of people,” Pavel Ovcharov said.

A reminder, the work on the first quarter of the complex began in 2017. A year later, the first house was commissioned, and the entire Emirates district was fully delivered in less than four years!

Emirates quarter is fully ready
Emirates quarter is fully ready

In general, according to Pavel Ovcharov, 20 buildings with a total area of almost 360,000 square meters were delivered in the complex as of mid-November. The director of the development company assures that the pace of construction of the new city district will only increase.

"Today, here in Minsk World, we are building more than a million square meters simultaneously. There are 65 objects in 12 quarters. The total area of the facilities under construction is almost one million square meters,” Pavel Ovcharov said.

The plans for the future are as grandiose.

"Today, 1.2 million square meters are at the design stage, and this year we will start construction of about 35-40 residential buildings. By the new year we are set to commission at least 20 objects,” the director of the company emphasized.

To visualize the scale of the Minsk World complex, we will offer an infographic.

These are just figures, but behind them we can see a clear picture. Modern kindergartens with swimming pools or schools will be built in each quarter. The complex will feature children's and adult polyclinics, a medical center, shopping malls and parking lots. There will also be many other public facilities, i.e. everything that is called urban infrastructure.

According to the representative of the developer, out of 65 houses under construction for mid-November, 33 were being built with the participation of equity holders, and 32 - by the investor himself.

“In other words, half of the houses currently under construction are built at the expense of the investor's own funds. This is a huge investment in the development of the city. We estimate it at more than €300 million this year alone,” said the representative of the investor.

It is important that the most significant facilities of the new complex - the International Financial Center Minsk World, a modern mega mall and a new city park - are also built by the developer on his own or with the help of foreign investment.

The International Financial Center Minsk World will attract investment and create new jobs
The International Financial Center Minsk World will attract investment and create new jobs

The country
The country's biggest trade and entertainment center Mara Mall is under construction

To understand who invests in the construction of the Minsk World complex and how much, let us present a rather simple scheme: wide transport highways between the complex's quarters and the third metro line are the city's work. Everything inside the quarter - from residential buildings to schools, gardens and clinics, from paths and lanterns, children's playgrounds and workout areas to stores and parking lots - is done by the developer.

A children
A children's playground with a safe covering

According to Pavel Ovcharov, the investor is not going to slow down the pace. On the contrary, the construction speed will continue increasing.

“Today the works are well underway at all the construction sites of the complex. We keep to the schedule, and even surpass it. The Emirates Wave house, for example, has been commissioned earlier than planned,” the director of the company said.

Hundreds of Belarusian contractors are involved in the construction of the complex. Almost all construction materials and equipment are also of domestic production. For the Belarusian economy in general, the construction project of such a scale means guaranteed jobs for tens of thousands of specialists across the country.

“The investment project is slated for completion before 2027. By that time the whole complex will have been completed, all planned objects will have been constructed, and the territory will have been landscaped. It will be a huge new neighborhood, fully ready for a comfortable and happy life of Minsk residents. Belarus is a European country, and its capital will get a new prestigious complex of the European level with the most developed infrastructure,” said Pavel Ovcharov.

All apartments in the Emirates quarter – the first quarter of the complex – have almost sold out. There are only several apartments in the Emirates Wave house left on the developer's website. Most importantly, this quarter has demonstrated what is a well-developed infrastructure of the complex!

Shopping mall with the area of over 4,000 square meters in the Emirates quarter
Shopping mall with the area of over 4,000 square meters in the Emirates quarter

A multi-level indoor parking for almost 800 cars, a kindergarten for 230 children, and a shopping mall with the area of over 4,000 square meters were built alongside the first quarter. Of course, all courtyards feature workout areas and children's playgrounds with soft-impact surface, special equipment, and exercise machines. They also boast paths, landscape design, and convenient illumination. There are above-ground parking lots, bike racks, and recreation areas with comfortable benches around every house. The first section of a bicycle lane that will connect all the quarters of the complex is also ready.

A kindergarten with a swimming pool
A kindergarten with a swimming pool

Parking places are on sale in a multi-level indoor parking for 800 cars
Parking places are on sale in a multi-level indoor parking for 800 cars

First floors of many houses feature commercial premises. For example, the entire first floor of the Emirates Wave house – over 4,000 square meters – is allocated for this! Residents of the quarter will have everything at hand: stores, cafes, stylish offices of travel agencies, and various services outlets – everything that makes the life of a citizen convenient, pleasant, and versatile.

The entire first floor of the Emirates Wave house is allocated for commercial premises
The entire first floor of the Emirates Wave house is allocated for commercial premises

This is an important feature of the whole complex – commercial premises right in the houses will be in every quarter. Stores and services outlets right at hand are crucial for creating a modern and convenient urban environment.

Larisa Averchik, the director of a private company, believes that the Minsk World complex is attractive not only to buyers of housing, but also to businesses.

Larisa Averchik, the director of a private company
Larisa Averchik, the director of a private company

“Our company has bought premises in the Waltz house in the World Dances quarter. The design documents provide for opening a grocery store there. We will lease these premises to a retail chain,” she noted.

The location and the availability of infrastructure are important factors that affect the appeal of commercial real estate.

“A number of advantages are available – proximity to a major street, the availability of a bus stop and parking spots nearby. We also know that all the apartments in the residential building Waltz have been bought. We hope that residents of this house and the entire block will frequent this retail facility. It is known that 70% of the population are ready to spend at most 10 minutes on travelling to a food store. We've made calculations and believe that buying a corner store is the right decision,” Larisa Averchik is convinced.

The businesswoman noted her company had chosen the Minsk World complex due to several reasons:

“First, it is a new residential complex with a highly developed infrastructure. Second, it is interesting from the point of view of population numbers because we buy real estate to let it and population numbers are very important for business. We like the modern approach to transportation services and the availability of parking spots. All of it is important for renters. And most importantly it is a famous real estate developer with a reliable reputation. The company has already built a lot of facilities in our capital city. Our company is considering buying more premises in the Minsk World complex soon.”

Thus, well-developed infrastructure of the complex means more than a convenient life. It gives birth to interaction of multiple people and interaction of multiple interests. Some people want everything within a walking distance. Other ones want opportunities for business development and for the emergence of new jobs. Yet other people would like to go in for sports, pursue a healthy lifestyle, they would like conditions for quality education and nurture of children. All the factors combine to develop the human capital – one of the most important tasks the country faces.

The practice of the first steps of the Minsk World complex underlines the significance of well-developed infrastructure in new areas. It is the cozy and well-planned urban environment that makes any metropolitan city a convenient place to live. If you want to see how it works, come on down to the Minsk World complex. It is quite possible you will be inclined to become part of the modern image of new Minsk then!

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