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06 April 2024, 15:13

Military expert talks about capabilities of Belarusian radioelectronic warfare systems

Nikolai Buzin
Nikolai Buzin
MINSK, 6 April (BelTA) – There are many ways of employing radioelectronic warfare systems. Chairman of the Human Rights, National Relations, and Mass Media Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor Nikolai Buzin made the relevant statement in a new episode of BelTA’s YouTube project V Teme [On Point].

Nikolai Buzin said: “Belarus has developed an entire lineup of radioelectronic warfare systems that affect tactical, operational, and strategic communication solutions. Apart from that, we have products that can hide our own aircraft from the enemy’s targeting systems. We have solutions for jamming unmanned aerial vehicles and this area is getting constantly developed. We have to credit representatives of our military science, design bureaus, defense industry who constantly develop this area.”
The expert pointed out that Belarus is a leader in radioelectronic warfare systems these days. “When we say that we manage to accomplish serious tasks with minimal investments while others shell out a great deal of money on it, we also refer to our progress in the area of radioelectronic warfare systems,” he stressed.

To prove his statements, Nikolai Buzin mentioned the ability of Belarusian radioelectronic warfare systems to make missiles deviate from the attack course and the ability to destroy drones in the air by burning out their control systems. “We have come up with ways to use radioelectronic warfare systems in the air against airborne weapons. But today we are also working on ways to use such systems for the benefit of ground troops. In particular, to cover units on the march from engineer ammunition and radio-controlled ammunition,” the expert concluded.
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