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17 April 2024, 16:50

Matveev: Belarus plays important role in  Russian manned program, cosmonautics

Matveev: Belarus plays important role in  Russian manned program, cosmonautics

MINSK, 17 April (BelTA) - Cadets and professors of Belarusian State Aviation Academy, students of aviation classes of several Minsk schools met with pilot-cosmonaut of the Roscosmos State Corporation, Hero of Russia Denis Matveev. The meeting Belarusian State Aviation Academy was organized with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo’s representative office in the Republic of Belarus, BelTA has learned.

Before the start of the meeting, pilot-cosmonaut Denis Matveev talked to journalists. 

"The Republic of Belarus plays an important role in the Russian manned program and in the development of cosmonautics. Belarus produces some components for our launch vehicles. Very good experiments were conducted on board the Russian segment of the ISS. They were organized, among other things, with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences. The first flight of Marina Vasilevskaya was a big deal for Belarus," Denis Matveev said. 

He stressed that he has long known known cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, a native of Belarus. "We enrolled in the Cosmonaut Training Center almost at the same time. We crossed paths a lot. I want to say that Belarusians are wonderful, very kind and open people, easy going," the cosmonaut said. 

The meeting with future employees of the aviation industry and their professors was held in the format of an open dialogue. Cadets and schoolchildren prepared a lot of questions for the guest. 

How much cosmonauts have to train on the ground and even in zero gravity? What scientific research is carried out on the ISS? What are the dangers of spacewalks and what emergency situations cosmonauts are most afraid of? Who takes on the role of a doctor on the station? The guest fielded dozens of questions . 

Denis Matveev said that he had always dreamed of becoming an engineer and got into the cosmonauts program by accident, although he was long familiar with the life of Star City. His father works in its medical unit. Most of all, Denis Matveev admires the state of weightlessness on the ISS, which he misses on earth. Cosmonauts are very nervous before going into outer space, so they are religious about all safety measures. Descent to earth is a difficult journey as it creates a serious load ion the body. The preparatory period before the first flight can last years. This is not only the work on physical and physiological shape, but also an educational process, including the study of a foreign language, as there is also an American segment on the ISS.

"If you are passionate about something, go for it. Pursue your dream. It does not hurt anyone to listen to the advice of your elders either. Do what you enjoy. When you look back, you will realize that it was the right way to go. Take care of your health from a very young age, keep in shape, and keep learning. The world is becoming a more hectic place. The amount of information is growing. To keep track of it, you need to study a lot and grow," the guest told the children and  thanked them for an interesting meeting. 

"Since childhood, I have dreamed of meeting with a real cosmonaut, the one who has been above the earth. In general, I am interested in cosmonautics and keep track of news and developments. If there was such an opportunity, I would venture flying myself," said Arseny Novichenko, a second-year cadet of the Department of Secondary Special Education of Belarusian State Aviation Academy.

"I've always wanted to wear a uniform, and the academy was a step towards making my dream come true. Willpower, training, sport helped me to enroll. I have always done athletics. If we talk about space, the flight of Marina Vasilevskaya, who is also from aviation, was a big event for the whole country. Now every girl dreams of space. When you see a rocket with a compatriot on board going into space, it takes your breath away. This is a motivational example and inspiration for all cadets to study even better," said second-year student Viktoria Eskina.
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