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03 April 2024, 19:22

Large scale identified as key peculiarity of Belarusian army’s ongoing combat readiness inspection

LEPEL DISTRICT, 3 April (BelTA) – Belarus’ Armed Forces continue checking the combat readiness of individual units. The key peculiarity of the ongoing combat readiness inspection is its large scale. Several army formations and their reservists are being tested, BelTA learned from Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister Andrei Zhuk during maneuvers in a military training area in Vitebsk Oblast.

All the steps needed to bring an army unit to combat readiness were practiced in the training area of the 19th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade on 3 April. Andrei Zhuk said: “The Armed Forces continue combat readiness tests as per instructions of the defense minister. The large scale is the primary peculiarity of the ongoing campaign. Several army formations are getting tested and their reservists are getting mobilized. As for the test focusing on the 19th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade, some forces and assets of the brigade have already been detached to enhance the protection of the state border. The other forces and assets are being brought to full combat readiness.”

The official added that individual matters concerning the drafting of reserve personnel to complete brigade units had been clarified during the combat readiness inspection. The delivery of civilian machines and vehicles to fully equip the brigade was also practiced.

Andrei Zhuk stressed that approaches to combat shakedown had changed substantially: army instructors are now employed to organize and help commanding officers conduct combat training classes. According to the deputy defense minister, the practice is effective for training the personnel.

The deputy defense minister went on saying that more time had been allocated for training skills of individuals, including military specializations. More efforts are also poured into the combat shakedown of platoons, squads, and companies. “This experiment demonstrates good development dynamics. We will continue along this path,” he said.

Speaking about the 19th Independent Guards Mechanized Brigade, Andrei Zhuk noted that the brigade is nearly ready for combat. “Personnel shipments and pulling hardware out of storage have been practiced. Combat shakedown is now in progress. Individual training has been completed as well as army specialization training. Units are busy improving their cohesion. Once it is done, a muster will be arranged to check the brigade’s readiness. Later on the commander of the Northwestern Operational Command will organize a military exercise involving the brigade. The brigade’s performance will be evaluated as a result. Today I can say that the reserve personnel, who have been drafted to bring the units up to strength, are motivated and understand why these events are taking place. The events are intensive and interesting. I think that all the tasks the defense minister has assigned to the brigade will be properly fulfilled,” Andrei Zhuk stressed.

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