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25 April 2024, 17:21

KGB: West seeks to establish full control over Belarus

MINSK, 25 April (BelTA) - The goal of the West is to establish full control over Belarus, KGB Chairman Ivan Tertel said at the 7th Belarusian People's Congress in Minsk on 25 April, BelTA has learned.

"In relation to our country, they have a scenario along the lines with the one implemented in Ukraine with its destroyed cities, hundreds of thousands of victims and the actual loss of sovereignty. Evidence obtained by Belarus' foreign intelligence clearly indicates that the main goal [of the West] in relation to the Republic of Belarus is to establish full control over its territory, economic potential and resources that belong to the Belarusian people,” Ivan Tertel said. “The tool kit includes various tools: from the so-called soft power to impose alien pro-Western values into the minds of Belarusians, which erode the moral foundations of our society, to the plans of the forcible seizure of power by illegal armed groups trained in the West and in Ukraine."

According to him, the plans being implemented in relation to Belarus are nothing new. "The documents from the KGB archives show that the methods used today were used before. They have been modified taking into account modern realities," the KGB chairman said.

"In Vilnius, Warsaw, Kiev, other capitals and regions of Western states, they, drawing on the example of Hitler's Germany, are nurturing puppet structures for projects to overthrow the current government. In case of success, they plan to install them as an occupation administration to manage the territory and population of our country," Ivan Tertel emphasized. “More than $60 million has been allocated this year alone to finance them by American, German, Polish and some other foundations (there are more than 65 of them in total), which serve as a front for foreign special services. The money is used to maintain subversive centers, plan and implement information and psychological operations against the leadership and population of the Republic of Belarus, organize cyberattacks on the most important infrastructure facilities, ministries and departments, recruit and organize the work of extremist and terrorist groups inside our country and illegal armed groups operating in neighboring Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine."
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