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02 November 2022, 18:58

KGB chief concerned about West's desire to plunder Belarus

Ivan Tertel
Ivan Tertel

NOVOPOLOTSK, 2 November (BelTA) – The introduction of sanctions, information wars, destabilization of the country from within are the modern threats Belarus has been encountering for the last few years. Chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel met with Novopolotsk officials and workers of the oil refinery Naftan to explain how one can fight these depredations and not become a victim of destructive forces, BelTA has learned.

The KGB chief explained that the West is trying to destroy the Belarusian economy and get rid of Belarusian enterprises as competitors on the global market. “The Republic of Belarus is a valuable resource. There is something to divvy up here. There are enterprises like Naftan and Polymir. Our geostrategic position in the center of Europe and attempts to change our allied relations with Russia are also the main reason for the events taking place in the region, including in relation to the Republic of Belarus. Thanks to the policy of our head of state we keep peace and independence. We see that some neighboring countries cannot do that and it costs them a lot,” Ivan Tertel stressed.

The KGB chief said that there were certain individuals at Naftan in 2020, who would find out how the oil refinery was buying raw materials and selling products in circumvention of sanctions and would share the information with intelligence agencies of foreign countries. Ivan Tertel encouraged employees of Belarus' oil refining industry's flagship enterprise to prevent the creation of destructive cells at the enterprise particularly since attempts to destabilize and disorganize the workflow will be repeated.

Ivan Tertel also pointed out it is important to safeguard young people from getting involved in the information war and teach them how to treat jabs in social networks and instant messaging apps with criticism.

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