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23 June 2024, 17:04

Jarosiewicz: U.S. companies send data about Europeans to U.S. intelligence centers 

An archive photo
An archive photo
MINSK, 23 June (BelTA) – American companies transfer information about Europeans to U.S. intelligence centers, Mateusz Jarosiewicz, a Polish publicist, journalist, public figure, expert in international relations and internal affairs of Poland, the author of "Letter to President Lukashenko from the concentration camp Polin [Poland]", said in an interview with Tomasz Szmydt in the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel.

“More and more people in Poland are signing up for Telegram. People even laugh at the fact that whenever they start discussing something, an advertisement for this thing immediately pops up on their screens. People are used to this, yet they are unaware how many of their rights are being violated along the way. People don't know that the European Union is currently at loggerheads with the United States. There was a high-profile case when someone made a request to Facebook to provide data about him and found out that this information was sent to the NSA [U.S. National Security Agency],” Mateusz Jarosiewicz said.

The journalist noted that American firms  transfer massive amounts of information from Europe, including government communications, to intelligence centers in the United States: “Who knows, maybe these firms were set up by American intelligence agencies.”

Mateusz Jarosiewicz emphasized that this violates European Union legislation. “But the United States forces the European Union to accept this, and any attempt to limit the reach of their corporations ends up in street clashes organized by non-governmental organizations. We saw this in France after an attempt to impose a tax on American technology corporations. This is how the free market operates here: either you buy Microsoft products, use Facebook or Google, or you will get a revolution in the country,” he noted. 
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