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23 June 2024, 10:22

Jarosiewicz: Warsaw needs war to avoid responsibility for its crimes 

MINSK, 23 June (BelTA) - The entire political class of Poland needs war to avoid responsibility for its crimes, Mateusz Jarosiewicz, a Polish publicist, journalist, public figure, expert in international relations and internal affairs of Poland, the author of "Letter to President Lukashenko from the concentration camp Polin [Poland]", said in an interview with Tomasz Szmydt in the V Teme [On Point] project on BelTA’s YouTube channel.

"I am not a military expert, but hearing the statements by politicians, seeing what is happening in the world and how public opinion is being manipulated, I can assume that they are preparing for a conflict. As far as I understand, for a conflict of aggression since neither Belarus nor Russia is at war with Poland. I watch the conferences of NATO allies, I take note of such facts as, for example, giving Ukraine the green light to use Western long-range weapons to strike inside Russia, or the attacks on radar systems in Russia," Mateusz Jarosiewicz said. 

The journalist also highlighted the hysteria of the Polish leadership over the situation on the border with Belarus: “I see a certain kind of theatrics, manipulation of public opinion. They are using the death of a border guard to create the impression that Belarus is attacking Poland. The hysteria is that bad." 

According to Mateusz Jarosiewicz, the Polish authorities will not succeed in this provocation. "I remember President Lukashenko saying that, according to intelligence data, the U.S. special services together with the Polish ones were mulling over a provocation on the territory of Poland, to stage a false flag operation as pretext for aggression against Russia.

So we've been wary of what they will do, who they will sacrifice, where they will carry out such a false flag. But everything suggests that they simply did not succeed. They failed to organize a provocation necessary to start a war. I believe that the entire political class really needs this war to avoid responsibility for its crimes," the journalist noted.
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